Tiger’s Take On Equestrian Holiday Wishlists

Hey dudes and ladies.

SEVEN WEEKS until Christmas. What does that mean?? Christmas? Isn’t that just another day? Feed me. Clean up after me. Tell me you love me. I don’t know what’s so special about one day.

Supposedly on Christmas you’re supposed to buy things for each other? I don’t know about that but if mom wants to give me treats I’m all in.

Every year mom write’s a holiday gift guide for equestrians.

I GUESS those things are okay but I think MY list is a whole lot better if you ask me.


WHY do you need a budget? Aren’t we worth every penny and more? I am totally worth that $500 blanket and those $400 boots so just stop it. If you stop riding me so much you’d have time to make more money to spend on me.

But FINE….I suppose I’ll humor you with some “reasonable” gift ideas.


    • Naturally you should buy horse moms/dads cookies. For ME. I will eat anything but not all of my friends can tolerate the sugar. Healthier treats that most horses can eat and still enjoy are harder to come by. Two great options are:
      • Stabul Nuggets: These treats come in a lot of flavors. I recommend the peppermint and fenugreek flavors. You can find them easiest on Chewy or at Tractor Supply stores.
      • German Beet Treats: You can find these at most tack stores and Chewy
    • Whatever you do horse moms and dads can always use more tools to keep me and my friends pampered. Mom uses just any brush she has but I think I deserve the best.
      • Hands On Grooming Mitt: This is a mitt that helps mom get all of the special scratchy areas. Mom once bought a knockoff brand and the gloves were TOO scratchy. The Hands On gloves are just right.
      • Haas Brushes: There are brushes and there are Haas brushes. Haas brushes are mostly handmade and the fibers are incorporated right into the brush without the use of screws and glue. Horse-people all over the world are wild for Haas brushes.
    • Tack Saver Mitt: Sure I want to look good but the equipment needs to look good too. These mitts are great for cleaning tack, applying poultice and flyspray, cleaning the truck, and dusting.
    • Helmet Spray: Mom’s skull bucket can get pretty ugly since she works so hard when we ride. To help combat the sweat and odor a helmet spray is nice and effective. Mom has been using this spray and loves it. I like the minty smell, too, even if I can’t eat it.
    • Soap For Dirty Equestrians: Mom’s favorite podcast (Heels Down Happy Hour) launched a line of soaps called Soap for Dirty Equestrians. Since mom is obsessed with our poop she definitely could use some soap. She’s always picking it, and she sometimes even picks through it to get “samples” for “fecal tests.”
    • Back on Track: Mom talks about it all the time and I happen to love my Back on Track sheet. Mom uses the scarf and wrist braces. I use the boots and sheet. I always want more products but to be honest I think mom needs them more these days. Back on Track really works!
    • TENS units: I want mom to feel good and perform her best because when she’s off, I’m off. Horse moms and dads should have TENS units for pain relief. There are plenty of affordable units available on Amazon.
    • Massage Gun: There’s no specific one that mom has tried yet but these massage guns soft muscles. I think mom and I both work hard enough so we could both benefit from it.
    • Massage: There’s nothing like the real deal. Mom hauls feed bags, hay bales, manure. She then gets on and rides…and rides. A visit to the local massage spa is a great idea.
    • Portable Rocking Chair: Tell mom to chill out and sit with me in the field. We don’t have to ride I just want to eat. If you buy her this chair she might just come chill with me and forget all about riding. She also loves anti-gravity chairs.
    • Personalized Gear: I certainly won’t complain about having a halter with my name engraved onto it. Just sayin’ All of us horses are pretty much rockstars and should be treated as such.
    • Fancy Saddle Pads: Now, I don’t condone riding but I know it’s part of the deal. All saddlepads are not created equal. My favorite pad is the Weatherbeeta all purpose saddlepads because they are well made, anotomical, and they are vented along the spine. They make my job much more comfortable and I really appreciate it.
    • Cavali Club: This might be the best bang for your buck you can do for your horsey friends and family. The Cavali Club packs in over $150 worth of high end, tasteful, and useful gear for both horse and horse-parents. The box itself is only $59. Mom loves her Cavali Club boxes and uses almost everything she gets in them. The winter box will be available by the end of the month/early December!
    • PAINKILLERS: I highly recommend ibuprofen, advil, or tylenol. Hard work and taking a few spills left my mom sore this year. Horse parents usually need pain killers sooner or later.

There are a lot of great options for you to spoil horses with…and I suppose horse parents, too. Honestly in my books you would be a total winner with $50 in cookies.


If you’re still not sure about what to get your horse….er, horse parent, tack store gift cards are always welcome, too.

I’ll be waiting for those cookies, please don’t let Dasher get into them this time!

Where are my cookies?

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