The Green Horseman’s Recommended Gifts Under $50

Last year I published Holiday Gifts Under $50 for the Horse Lover and while it’s still relevant today I thought I’d add a few more great products to that list.  Shopping for the horse lover isn’t always easy especially if you’re on a budget.  Horse people don’t always want EVERYTHING horse in their everyday lives.  I don’t plaster my walls with horse pictures (though there are a couple classy pieces or art), I don’t do horse blankets, horse pillows, horse anything.  I definitely don’t want any shirts or sweaters with horses…and if I do it’s of my own discretion.  If you want to try getting something for a horse person for the actual horse you run the risk of getting useless products, the wrong size, redundant items, or spending way too much.  Some horse lovers don’t even have a horse and just take lessons so why buy horse equipment at all?  Gift cards can be impersonal so what on Earth is one to do?

In the following list I hope this will guide you to making some horse-themed decisions that are classy and affordable.

  • 2019 Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation Calendar
    • I began fostering Zeno Bay and Vai Via through Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation in September so of course I’m going to ruthlessly plug the 2019 Calendar.  Not only do you get to see the gorgeous horses Unbridled has redeemed but you do a lot of good to help secure the future of the group.  Each month features horses that Unbridled Thoroughbred has rescued and your money from the calendar goes to help keep them healthy and happy.  The calendar is $35, with shipping it is $37.50.  Order yours now at
  • Dark Horse Chocolates
    • One of my favorite booths at Equine Affaire.  These are hand crafted equestrian themed chocolates and delicious too!  So far I have tried the Seabiscuits and the Peppermint Ponies.  You can choose from a variety of sizes and assortments.  There is an equestrian tote for just $26 that comes with chocolates.  You can also get Keepsake boxes ($100) and fabric box sets ($36).  There are options for party favors, business gifts, and holiday gifts including ornament boxes.  Overall I think my favorite item is the advent calendar.  The box comes with 26 fun chocolates to open each day leading up to Christmas and it’s only $33.  The shop is located in Peabody, MA but you can order online at
    • Mark Rashid Book Set
      • Trafalgar Square Books is a publisher in rural Vermont that has been publishing many horse and rider books since 1985.  They have many options to choose from.  Mark Rashid is one of the wonderful trainers I had a chance to watch at Equine Affaire.  The set I have listed includes Out of the Wild, The Journey of Softness, and Finding the Missed Path.  You can buy the set for $46 or find some other book your loved one (or you) may like at
    • Fergus Horse Books
      • For your younger horse lover Mark Rashid may be too much so why not Fergus?  Fergus the cartoon horse came about in the 1990s through comic strips and became a hit in 2015 when author and illustrator Jean Abernethy released her book The Essential Fergus the Horse.  Since the first book’s major success the series now features four books including the latest Fergus and the Night Before Christmas.  You can buy one book, but your best bet is to grab all four for $50 right here at 
    • Heart To Horse Box
      • I had this on last year’s list as well but it’s a great product that’s exciting to open. Each box contains several things most horse people can appreciate and they are selected seasonally for each month.  The value of these items far exceeds the price.  The best part is that 25% of each box goes to a horse rescue in need. You can grab yours at 2018 Holiday Gift Guide20170223_191238(0)
    • 20171020_115102.jpgNoble Outfitters Perfect Fit Boot Socks
  • These socks may be the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn.  They feel like a hug for the whole foot.  I have flat wide feet and a lot of foot pain so to find any footwear that I love is saying something.  These make great gifts!  You can find these also at though this link: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
  • Grey Horse Candles
    • Another item from last year’s holiday list and still worthy today.  Choose from high end leather, sweet feed, or trail ride scents.  Grey Horse Candle Company has 16 horse-related scents you can choose from and they have packages where you may choose multiples at a discounted rate.  The scents are pleasing and are bound to bring up fond memories with your horse-lover.  Get yours now at
  • Horse Treats

If there is one thing a horse lover loves is spoiling the horses they care about.  Sure you can go to Tractor Supply and buy what ever is on the shelf but most treats are packed with sugar.  My favorite horse treat to date is called Stabul Nuggets.  These are low sugar treats that are nutritionally balanced and they smell amazing.  I will buy a bag and it fills my car with the lovely scent for days.  My favorite part about these treats, other than the amazing smell, is that they are safe for some of the most restrictedw diet horses.  Horses with metabolic disorder, laminitis, and cushings are safe to eat these as they are less than 10% sugar.  There are several flavors to choose from including pina colada, banana, fenugreek, and peppermint.  You can purchase directly from the company or you can order online from Amazon or Tractor Supply.  I have been told that they are working with Tractor Supply to get them on the shelves but for now you still need to order online.  To get more information from the site visit  Blade’s favorite is pina colada because he loves his tropical fruits.  If you get some think about using and select Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation in Kinderhook, NY.  The price is the same to you but Amazon will donate a small amount to Unbridled.

Again I hope this helps!

What are YOU hoping for this year?

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