If you’ve been with me from the beginning you will remember my reviews of the Heart-to-Horse box.  I kept the reviews up for several months but then tired of the monthly $35.  The products were well worth the $35 and more but I simply didn’t need them and it would end up costing hundreds every year.  I then reviewed a Saddle Box.  The subscription was much the same.  It was monthly, $35, and a lot of smaller odds and ends that I couldn’t justify.

This year I began to receive the Cavali Club box.  I purchased my first in Winter 2019.  The box is more expensive ($55) but only comes around once per SEASON.  So instead of hundreds, I spend $200 per year (I buy the whole year at once and get each box for $50).  The products I’ve received so far are also more valuable, usable, and desirable.  I have loved my Cavali Winter box, and loved my Cavali Spring box.

In fact, I use my leather wallet daily (Spring)!! It’s soft, sleek, and attractive.



Eager to find out what was in the summer Cavali box? So was I! The boxes were shipped out in a couple of waves and I was in the second. Waiting for the shipment notification was the worst part (but worth the wait).

Cavali Club has an email subscription list and a Facebook group. In the weeks leading up to the next box launch we are given spoilers to help get people excited. I personally chose to avoid those posts and emails to maintain the element of surprise, but a couple things I happened to notice. I will elaborate later on.

Let’s get started shall we?

Something that sets the Cavali Club boxes apart from other subscriptions is the elegant packaging. From the moment it arrives on your doorstep you are greeted with fun. Carly always arranges for an artist to design the exterior package for each new season so every box is something original and horse themed.

The first to come out of the summer 2020 Cavali club box was a bag of horse treats by Equine Elixers. These Tid-Bits

Tidbits by Equine Elixers: $14

Next, a mitt. More specifically, a TackSaver. This cool little mitt is super soft. What I find most interesting? The mitt was created by Bella’Mar, then 9 years old. Today, at 13, Bella and her family run TackSaver.

My mitt will be used for tack cleaning but I’m highly considering the purchase of several more as it can be used for tack/leather cleaning, applying fly spray and ointments, dusting around the house, and even cleaning the car! The mitt is naturally water resistant and will protect your hands from the products you’re using.

Tacksaver Mitt: $12

Next to come was leather balm. What a great accompaniment to the TackSaver mitt! The tin I received is orange vanilla scented….it smells like a creamsicle and isn’t too overpowering. The balm is made with tallow, lanolin, beeswax, and essential oils. This is going to heal me keep all of my tack and boots looking fantastic!

Colorado Leather Balm: $5

After the balm I found a small white box; inside awaited a set of 4 napkin holders. While I don’t even have cloth napkins in the house (yet?) these are fabulous. They are sleek, elegant, yet glamorous. I’ve added them to my new dining room hutch and they are beautiful additions. They make me want to have cloth napkins and plan a get-together!

Hanoverian Napkin Rings, Set of 4: $40

I then brought out a set of 4 dessert plates with the artwork of the box by Eliza Frye. While they aren’t exactly my style they are elegant all the same and have found a home in my dining room along with the napkin holders. In fact, I have already used them while my neighbor and I shared a couple glasses of wine with crackers.

The artist featured this month is Eliza Frye, a New York City based artist. Eliza helped to design the box and the dessert plates for Cavali Club. The plates are dishwasher safe and break resistant; perfect for a nice horsey picnic or horse-show dining.

Lipizzaner Collection Dessert Plates, Set of 4: $59

There was a white canvas bag waiting for me in my Cavali box. When I revealed the contents I found a lovely navy blue belt by Hart Outfitters. It is stylish and can be used for any occasion. The navy blue color is PERFECT for my style. Being on the hefty side I didn’t expect to fit the belt, but to my pleasant surprise the belt stretches. The woven design ensures a perfect fit so it will be useful even as I lose weight. I have been needing a belt for riding for quite some time now, so I am very excited to use this!

Hart Outfitters Plated Belt: $21

In addition to the physical contents, I received some offers. There was an offer for 20% off a ticket to Equitana USA (September 25-27) in Kentucky. Sadly I will not be traveling (and I just learned that Equine Affaire, closer to my home, has been cancelled in November). There is also an offer to try Hoof and Hair Guard for free (but I have to pay shipping). Finally, Carly of Cavali Club lined up a deal with Urgo beauty products to give members 50% off a complete foundation makeup package. I’m still on the fence about trying all of these but it is very special to have nice and meaningful offers. Other subscription boxes often have offers included but they are $100 worth of cheap crappy wines. Or 15% off overpriced cookware. These are significant offers you don’t find as often and add value to the box.

All in all

  • Tidbits Treats: $14
  • Tacksaver: $12
  • Colorado Leather Balm: $5
  • Hanoverian Napkin Rings: $40
  • Eliza Frye’s Lippizaner Dessert Plates: $59
  • Hart Outfitters Plated Belt: $21

TOTAL: $151

Considering I paid $50 for this box I’d say it is all well worth it. Nahe and Tiger will be very happy to try the Tidbits. I will be using the belt in the next week. I will be using the mitt and leather balm to clean my tack. And someday I will have horse-y friends over and use the dining pieces. For now, they at least look very nice in my hutch!

Ready to get your own Cavali Club box? Each box is purchased individually for $55…or $50 if you prepay for the whole year (what I did).

Order yours at

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