Holiday Gifts Under $50 for the Horse Lover

Not a horse person but have a horse-lover on the Christmas list?

If this is the case shopping can be confusing and you might be tempted to get just a gift card or something that your horse-lover might not truly enjoy.  You can’t just buy a new blanket or saddle.  You can’t just get it a new halter or supplement because you don’t know the horse’s size or the owner’s preferences.  Most affordable items at a tack shop are things that can be hit or miss…supplements, dewormers, halters, polo wraps, etc.  As a horse person I can share a few things with you that I would personally be excited to get.  Hopefully this helps!

The list below you can find at and get 10% Off Your Entire Order


  • Back On Track Scarf/Shawl: $44.95
  • Back On Track Fleece Headband: $20.95
    • Back on Track also makes wrist, knee, and elbow braces that all fall under $50 as well
  • Treats: The three listed are all palatable and generally accepted by most horses.  I have personally purchased and fed all of these and was very happy with them.  These particular treats are also healthier than most so if your horse-lover has an equine with a restricted diet these should not pose any issues.
    • Uckele Equi-Treats 5lbs – $11.62
    • Manna Pro Flax Snax 3lbs – $13.94
    • Buckeye No Sugar Added 4lbs – $9.37


  • Vibershield Jasper Breeze River Rock Bracelet: $44.10

Most book stores will carry these, but you can check out Barnes and Noble or the direct links on each bullet point to the author’s site.

  •  Books
    • The Man Who Listens to Horses by Monty Roberts – $13.80
      • This was the first horse book I read when I was a kid and it made me a fan for life.  I practiced his Join-Up method before I was a teenager on a quarter horse mare and it worked!  This book should be in any horseman’s library.
    • Is Your Horse 100% by Margret Henkels – $21.28
      • This is a newer book and focuses on myofascial release therapy to help ease pain and tension in a horse.  I have used this method on my own horse and met Margret Henkels in person.  I believe any person and horse can benefit from this technique.
    • For the Love of the Horse by Ann Jamieson – There are 4 volumes and you can pick this up at retail stores or follow the link to purchase directly.  The current special will get you all 4 volumes for just $51.95

I couldn’t find this on the other websites, but consider them as well:

  • Grey Horse Candles – $17 – I have not had the pleasure of buying one for myself yet.  I have seen these at a local tack shop and loved what I saw.  The candles are soy based and made in Tennessee.  The scents are geared toward the equestrian with options like sweet feed, high end saddle, and fresh cut hay.  
    • You can also purchase 3 for $46 or 4 for $6

I hope this helps and happy shopping!

Equestrians! What are some gifts YOU would love to unwrap this year?

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