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To begin the year I am beyond excited to share with you our first biweekly review…


CavaliClubI have reviewed quite a few Heart to Horse boxes.  I’ve reviewed a Saddle Box.  Now I’m unveiling a Cavali Club box.

In many ways the Cavali Club is similar.  This is a subscription box that you receive in the mail with several goodies aimed at spoiling the horse lover.  The idea is that the value of items inside the box equal more than the box itself.

The Cavali Club is a bit different than the other two subscription boxes I’ve seen.

First, there is no monthly box.  It’s simply by season.  There are a total of FOUR Cavali Club boxes each year.

Second, the Cavali Club costs just a bit more than the other boxes.  Instead of $34.95 per box you are paying $54.95 per box.

That said, you can pay for a full year of Cavali Club boxes upfront for $200.
A full year of the other boxes at $34.95 per month will run you $419.20.

So let’s look at what the Cavali Club has to offer!


Cavali Club is an American based subscription box shipped out four times each year (March, June, September, and December).

Shipping is available for $12US to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Outside of North America shipping is available for $20US.

Each season Carly hand selects items to feature in the box.  She selects premium novel items that most equestrians are sure to love.  Some of the items are everyday essentials and others are wonderful discoveries that simply make life better.  I’ve noticed she finds a happy balance of unique small businesses providing exceptional products and premium known brands that are already well-loved.   The value of the products inside the box is worth more than the box itself.  To put it simply, Carly is a horse person designing a premium box for her own people.  Horse people!

I have written back and forth with Carly and love her positive attitude and customer relations.  She’s very responsive and easy to talk to.  It adds a much more personal touch to the whole experience and I love the opportunity to see her business succeed.


I did a little research on the site and the private Facebook group before placing my first order.  What I noticed first was the box.  Every rendition features a different style box…different artwork.

This may not mean a lot to some but this stands out from the competition.  It’s unique and shows just how much thought is put into each Cavali Club box.

20191217_150443 - Copy



The first thing to greet me was a postcard featuring the box’s artwork.  It’s very lovely.


I also found a card for Kate Stephenson Photography and a cute sticker with once of her Color Pop collections “Charlie in Red.”  Kate is based out of Saratoga, NY.  You can visit her website and see her other works at:


Sitting just below the cards was EQLuxe Magazine with famous jockey Mike Smith on the cover.  Inside were ads for some fancy brands and odd fashions that made me scratch my head.  There are a few interesting stories, interviews with some top riders and even an interview with Zenyatta herself.  They also feature some drool-worthy barns and getaways that, perhaps I’ll never afford, but give me a vision and goal to set for the future.  A girl can dream, right?

Essentially the magazine is chic.  It’s the who’s who and what’s what.  The “Cosmo” of the horse world.  You can find more at:

EQ Luxe Retail Value: $10


The next thing to catch my eye was a bottle and a spray nozzle (They were separate and sealed well in the box).  The bottle is from Sport Horse Essentials and is a 16oz waterless shampoo and stain remover.  The ingredients are all-natural including witch hazel, aloe vera, coconut oil, aritha powder, and essential oils.  It’s even safe to use on the saddle areas. Directions for use? Spray directly on the stains and rub with a towel or brush.  It’s that simple.

In the pamphlet (yes Carly even creates a pamphlet) it was mentioned an overwhelming majority of Cavali Club members asked for this product.  It has been featured in previous boxes and people continue to ask for it…it MUST be a keeper!  I have not used it yet but I look forward to, especially since it is far too cold for bathing.

Check it out at:

Sport Horse Essentials Waterless Shampoo & Stain Remover, 16oz Spray Retail Value: $21


The next item to catch my eye was in a transparent pouch that said “The Fit Equestrian.”  I wasn’t sure what they were at first.  When I opened it up I found fitness bands ranging in 4 elasticities: Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy.  In the pamphlet, you are provided with six exercises that you can do with the bands and how they translate to your riding.  I will be doing all exercises but I’m particularly hoping to get my lower leg wobble under control this year.

You can find fitness and nutrition guides as well as 1:1 counseling and merchandise at The Fit Equestrian website:

The Fit Equestrian Fitness Resistance Bands Retail Value: $15


Plunging further down into the box I came upon a small vial called Rein Naturals, Wound Stage 1.  The product contains jojoba oil, eucalyptus globulus oil, meadowfoam seed oil, wheat germ oil, cypress oil, vetiver oil, and glycerin.  Certified aromatherapist Celine Reilly designed the product to help with reducing the healing time of open wounds.  It can be used on horses or on humans.

The website has more information about Celine and essential oils.  She has several blends available for purchase as well.  Simply visit:

Rein Naturals Wound Stage 1 Retail Value: $35


Essential oils are a very popular thing right now.  In addition to the waterless shampoo and Rein Naturals, I found a small burlap sack sitting at the bottom of my box.  It was secured with drawstrings and the world’s most adorable clothespin (It maybe 1″ long).  Inside I found a roller bottle called The In Gate.  The blend contains ylang-ylang, cedarwood, bergamot, northern lights black spruce, cinnamon, frankincense, blue tansy, and geranium.  This particular blend is designed to promote confidence, focus, and mental fortitude.  It also smells very nice!

I found out later that the box also contained a $10 gift card for The Infused Equestrian.  So in addition to the roll-on I could also purchase something from the website with my $10!  I used it immediately and got an incredible helmet spray called Noggin.  I HIGHLY recommend it!


Find out more at The Infused Equestrian website:

The Infused Equestrian In The Gate Roller Bottle Retail Value: $25


I have to admit I had NO CLUE what these were when I saw them in the package.  I had to roll them out and refer to the pamphlet for information.  Even then I was totally clueless.  These are WELLIE SOCKS.

For those of you like me who aren’t in the know (I admit I must be a bit sheltered) Wellingtons are waterproof boots.  A lot of us use Wellington boots for mucking stalls and slumming it at the barn.  I never realized they were a STYLE of boot and not a fancy equestrian brand name (like Ariat or Mountain Horse).

The socks go on your feet and line the inside of your WELLIES (muck boots) to add extra warmth during winter.  I wore them with my Noble Outfitters boots the next morning.  They were warm, soft, and oh so comfortable.  My company should not be surprised if they come over to find me walking around the house in them!!!

PC Racewear is an Ireland based company that begin with the intent to create the perfect equestrian riding jacket.  These socks come from the “A Little Bit Racey” collection.  You can find this, the PC Jacket, as well as many really nice equestrian apparel at:

PC Racewear Wellie Socks Retail Value: $35


In the winter my hands take a massive beating; my hands, face, and ears actually.  The dry air and cold weather results in very dry brittle skin.  From the time I spent doing stalls but also from the time delivering mail with the post office I find it more and more difficult to get enough warmth and hydration to prevent chapped cracked hands.  Inside my Cavali Club box, I found a sample of Equilibre.  It was designed to hydrate without the greasy feeling and to provide a barrier to hold in moisture.

I haven’t tried it yet but I am looking forward to it.  If you want to get yourself some simply visit:


Last but most definitely not least I discovered a therapeutic performance scarf made by Back on Track.  If you’ve never tried BOT products before you should absolutely consider it.  The first product I purchased was a mesh sheet for Blade after he hurt himself on ice.  The vet told me he had chipped his hipbone.  I used it as a blanket when it arrived and found it absolutely seemed to do what it claimed.  With a month’s stall rest the vet was amazed by his progress and Blade was sound enough for turnout in a small round pen.

I have the wrist braces for my carpal tunnel.  My trainer uses the hock boots, saddle pad, quarter sheet, and leg wraps. My friends have knee braces and coats for their dogs.  I’ve gifted the back braces and ankle braces.  I am slowly working on building my own collection.

The products are no miracle but they WORK. No gimmicks.

I was beyond thrilled to see this scarf in my Cavali Club box.  Get your Back on Track gear for you, your horse, and your dog at:

Back On Track Performance Therapeutic Scarf Retail Value: $29


Amazing doesn’t begin to cut it.  Thrilled.  Happy.  Joyful. Spoiled.

I can’t often afford to buy myself the finer things and even if I could I don’t.  Extra money goes to the horses or to savings.  Cavali Club is a way to reward myself while telling myself it’s for the horses.

I loved the box so much I will be also receiving Spring Summer and Fall (and likely more) in 2020.  Stay tuned!

Remember.  One box is $54.95, and one full year paid upfront is only $200.

What you get is worth so much more…

  • Back On Track Performance Scarf: $29
  • Rein Naturals Wound Care Stage 1: $35
  • PC Racewear A Little Bit Racey Welly Socks: $35
  • The Fit Equestrian Fitness Bands: $15
  • The Infused Equestrian The In Gate Roller Bottle: $25
  • EQLuxe Winter 2019 Issue: $10
  • Sport Horse Essentials Waterless Shampoo and Stain Remover: $21


Not to mention the FREE SAMPLE of hand cream, the $10 gift card to The Infused Equestrian, the postcard, the sticker, and several discounts from the featured brands in the back of the pamphlet (Free shipping, % off with order, etc).

How to get it for yourself

20191217_150443 - Copy


      1. Thankyou yes we are safe at the moment. The fires now are over 4hrs drive from us, so the friends I have down the coast that were checking on us, I am now checking on them. Our poor little country is copping a beating, we are a resilient supportive bunch us Aussies.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. We are honored for your support and kind words about The Infused Equestrian. Of course, we are thrilled you like both @The In Gate roller blend for the rider and the horse as well as our newest product, noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray…the ultimate warrior to neutralize odor!

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    1. Oh thank you for participating! I can’t stop telling my friends all about the noggin spray and I’m using The In Gate sparingly until riding season returns. Hoping to do a lot of hunter paces and new things that the roller will be useful for. Maybe ride in new clinics and at Equine Affaire 🙂


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