Cavali Club has become my most anticipated delivery of 2020. I joined Cavali Club in December of last year and every season I find myself fighting to stay away from all the sneak peak teaser emails. When I receive my email that the package has shipped I follow the tracking twice a day until it arrives. I’m not normally this crazy about my packages but the Cavali Club is a special treat. It’s luxury and it’s a horseman’s Christmas four times a year.



Before we dive in let me tell you about the club.

The Cavali Club Fall 2020 box is the fourth box I have received from the subscription service. Cavali Club has been around since Fall 2018. Every season Carly coordinates a box compiled with items for horse and rider. The items vary from homegoods, grooming items, and rider gear.

Summer 2020

Many susbscription boxes have come and gone over the years but Cavali Club is proving to be top notch. At only $220 for a full year it is far cheaper than a Heart to Horse box or Saddle box and the items are of substantially better quality.

Not ready for a full year? The individual boxes are available for $59. You can even give one as a gift.

My first Cavali Club box Winter 2019

Here are the boxes I have personally received in the last year:

Spring 2020

Something that sets the Cavali Club boxes apart from other subscriptions is the elegant packaging. From the moment it arrives on your doorstep you are greeted with fun. This season the box was designed my Milton Menasco. The artist behind the name is Ally Addison; her grandfather Milton was a renowned equine artist. Though their styles differ on complete opposite ends of the spectrum she has carried on her grandfather’s artistic endeavors.

Milton Menasco

Fall 2020

First out of the box is a set of stationary titled “Razzled Velvet” and designed by Lederman Art and Design. Alexandra Lederman knows the stress involved in the adult amateur equestrian scene and uses her oil painting as a means to ground herself from the pressures of competition. I know I’m not the only one who loves a horse nose, they are inviting and kissable. Is there a better way, then, to open up my Cavali Club box to see a kissable horse nose staring at me?

“Razzled Velvet” Set of Stationary by Lederman Art & Design: $25

I also pulled out an empty spray bottle. On it was a label saying Purvida Healthy Horse Original Leave-In Conditioning Spray. Also in the box was a small concentrate bottle of the actual product. The spray is intended to be a total body all-in-one product for hair and skin health while repelling insects. The ingredients include coconut oil (moisturizing), vegetable glycerin (moisturizing and antibacterial), witch hazel (speeds up healing of minor blemishes and soothes irritated skin), cedarwood oil (antibacterial/antifungal and natural insect repellant), and sweet orange essential oil (calming/soothing for mind and body).

Now that the worst of the bug season is behind us Nahe has healed up a lot but I am excited to use it on both horses and experience its benefits for myself. I’m sure the horses will enjoy the pampering session as well.

Purvida Healthy Horse Conditioning Spray: $19.99

I couldn’t ignore the big black canvas bag staring at me from the box so I grabbed that and took a look. What I found was the Tryon Equestrian Backpack. The backpack offers a lot of features. On the outside is a water bottle holder, and a crop holder. A compartment at the bottom releases a mesh hammock that can be used to store a helmet. There is an outside zip compartment. Inside the bag are a couple of compartments to separate items. The whole bag feels high quality and is water resistant.

The Tryon Equestrian Backpack: $100

After exploring the backpack a bit I returned to the Cavali Club fall box and found my leather lead rope by CC Essentials. This lead-rope was initially meant to be in our summer box but COVID-19 made sure to mix things up. Instead we are getting our lead in fall and Carly simply substituted the Napkin Rings into the summer box.

The Leather Lead is made of a nice soft leather and is a rich Havana brown color. It features a silver plated chain. Now I only need leather halters with nameplates (if I can just decide what to have engraved)!

CC Essentials Hickory Leather Lead: $69

I also received a trial size of Horseguard’s Flaxen Eas-E Guard. Being a nutrition nerd I am happy to see a focus on good nutrition. Vitamin E is a great anti-oxidant and helps to support immune, muscular, and nerve health. The Eas-E Gaurd is a natural source of vitamin E mixed with stabilized ground flaxseed which provides omega fatty acids. Each 1 ounce scoop provides 1000IU of vitamin E and is best fed top dressed on feed. The sample isn’t commercially available from what I can tell but the 5lb bag is $49.99

Flaxen Eas-E Guard by HorseGaurd: $SAMPLE

A final product in the box is something I have been wanting to get for a year or so. Boot socks by Dreamers and Schemers! Milton Menasco teamed up with Dreamers and Schemers to design these exclusive “Giddy Up” boot socks for Cavali Club.

Dreamers and Schemers “Giddy Up” boot socks: $25

That’s a Wrap

  • “Razzled Velvet” Stationary by Lederman Art & Design: $25
  • Purvida Healthy Horse Leave-In Conditioning Spray: $19.99
  • The Tryon Equestrian Backpack: $100
  • CC Essentials Hickory Leather Lead: $69
  • Dreamers and Schemers/Milton Menasco “Giddy Up” boot socks: $25

TOTAL: $240

When I started my year subscription last year I paid $50 per box. I think it’s safe to say that my purchase was WELL worth it as all of these items are sure to get use within the next season (but really probably this week). I will now have to re-subscribe since I’ve received all four boxes and the price has gone up to $220/year ($55/box). Still worth it in my opinion.

My little helper, Bardi, an Icelandic Sheepdog

Ready to get your own Cavali Club box? Each box is purchased individually for $59…or $55 if you prepay for the whole year (what I did). The year only costs $220.

Order yours at

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