I recently discussed the importance of questioning yourself when things aren’t going right with a horse.  Missed it? Check out When the Going Gets Tough

What about when you aren’t agreeing with your trainer?

StirrupMarkusSpiske Pexels

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Last year Zac and I visited a dude ranch in Lake George called Ridin Hy.  I have been terrible by not posting all about it.  Stay tuned as I promise to tell you more about this amazing trip.

While we were there Zac and I tried our hands with archery.  We had no formal teachings and we were surprisingly decent.  We had each gotten within the bullseye region within the first hour of “playing around.”


This soon lead me to a fascination with mounted archery.

Shooting arrows from the back of a galloping horse. It’s a sport growing in popularity and visibility.

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When I began riding I often blamed a lot of what went wrong on the horse I was riding.

He’s being difficult…

She spooked…

He won’t listen to me…

She won’t get his head down…

He won’t go…

She won’t stop…

He won’t stay on the wall…

She won’t slow down…

He’s not doing what I’m asking…


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After the first days of settling in it seems that both Happy and Blade have figured out their new home.  The weather has been fair.  The horses are figuring out the corral shelter.


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The big day!

I woke up at 2:00PM on Tuesday afternoon to put the finishing touches on my backyard paddock.  You can see the pictures at T Minus 24 Hours.

After making the paddock 100% horse-ready I took off for work.

Got out of work sometime around 6:15AM and ran to the barn.  Mucked a few stalls.  Helped a friend with barn chores, rode Happy, and then….

…then we loaded both Happy and Blade onto the sleek 2-horse goose-neck trailer and set sail for home.

Departure.  I have loved every moment of boarding at this facility.  The people are great, the setting is ideal, and I always knew my horse was in good hands.  It’s a view I’m going to be seeing a lot less of and will miss.  A bittersweet time.

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