Holiday Horse Person Wish List 2019


The holidays are fast approaching once again.

Non-horse people often have great intentions for gift giving to horse people but let’s face it.  WE ARE HARD TO SHOP FOR.  You can’t exactly ask for a new saddle or a new bridle (maybe if you’re loaded) and non-horse people just don’t know what to look for.

In the past I’ve included some excellent gifts for the horse person that are under $50.  Many, if not all, are still very relevant today.

Holiday Gifts Under $50 for the Horse Lover

The Green Horseman’s Recommended Gifts Under $50

This year I’m beefing up the list by stretching to reach a range of $100.


  • A MASSAGE: Horse people work hard.  It takes a great posture, a strong core, and a strong leg to ride horses.  They need strength but also softness.  They need to move smoothly and quietly and maintain flexibility.  Horse people don’t just ride.  They muck stalls, haul carts, lug 40-pound water buckets, groom, turn in, turn out, change blankets, carry 40-pound hay bales and 50-pound feed bags. They stress about the many horse ailments, stress about shows, stress about money, stress about time.  But a horse person must also maintain a quiet mind since horses pick up on the stress.  GET YOUR HORSE LOVER A MESSAGE THIS YEAR.  There are many spas that can offer very affordable visits and may just be what your horse person needs in their life right now.  Horse people always put their animals first.  You can help them make the necessary time for themselves.
woman relaxing relax spa
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  • BACK ON TRACK: (Back on Track:): Going with the theme of taking care of the horse PERSON I highly recommend Back on Track products.  This year I am particularly highlighting the double-layer back brace ($79) and the neck brace ($39).  Back on track products are infused with ceramic particles that reflect the body’s heat back into the muscle tissue.  The energy increases circulation and helps muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments recover faster from damage.  I have seen (with Blade and other horses) and personally experienced great results with Back on Track and I am slowly working toward acquiring as many products as I can.20191109_1612561643-380x270
  • SADDLE BOX (Saddle Box):  If you don’t know horse people let horse people take the lead.  The Saddle Box is just $34.95 and contains handpicked items for horse people.  It’s a win-win.


  • HORSE BOOKS (Trafalgar Square Books)Trafalgar Square Books is popular in the equine industry for their horse publications.  There are books for every discipline, every age.  The website offers how-to books for training, rider wellness, and even horse wellness.  You can find something for everyone here.  Might I suggest Danny Emmerson’s “Know Better To Do Better”?  Or maybe “The Horse Cure” by Michelle Holling-Brooks?tsb-catalog-2019-20-232x300
  • WINE (Horse Rescue Wine): Assuming your horse person is of legal age to drink, why not give them wine?  Buy your horse-person Angel, Mirage, or Savannah Rose from Baiting Hollow Farm.  They will be thrilled to know that a portion of your purchase went to helping rescue horses.  Though the farm no longer operates as a rescue they continue to remain active in advocating for equine welfare.xmas-13-wine-packs
  • WINTER WARMTHHorses do well in the winter provided they have ample hay and water and a healthy winter coat.  People, however, do not.  We brave the arctic temperatures as long as necessary to make sure our equine loved ones have what they need to be comfortable.  Cleaning stalls, picking paddocks, and feeding takes time.  We also ride during the winter to keep ourselves and our horses in shape all year long.   We face frostbite and chapped extremities often.  This year get your horse person a pack of hand and toe warmers.
  • MORE WINTER WARMTH:  Hand and toe warmers are just the beginning.  How about treating your horse person with a nice pair of gloves?  The best pair of gloves I’ve had were sent to me in a Heart to Horse box a couple years ago.  They are the SSG Winter Rancher Gloves ($49.95).  They are warm but still allowed for decent dexterity doing farm chores. Another favorite of mine was the Morris Kaye Handsfree Shearling Gloves w/Rabbit for $38.38.  Sadly I lost the rabbit gloves (the softest!) and the rancher gloves were left out in the elements.  I’d happily buy these again.
  • CLEAN FUN: Heels Down Magazine has a fantastic podcast called Heels Down Happy Hour.  I love to listen to the girls talk over drinks about their experiences in the horse world.  This year at Equine Affaire they had a booth featuring soaps for dirty equestrians.  The soaps had some fun names like “Stressed Out Ammy” “Would Pick Horses Over You” and “Barn Drama Detox.”  You can buy one or buy several in a set.20191109_154143.jpg
  • HAND TOOLED LEATHER: For the equine lover that frequently goes out on trail rides why not get a nice cell-phone holder or drink holder (or a combo?).  Saddle Safe makes nice custom leather products.  Plain cases begin at $29 or $39 (combo).  Have a name or get some artwork/logos on it to really personalize the gift and make it special.  The prices vary but custom artwork will cost between $50-$80 and well worth it.  The company also creates other leather products but I definitely recommend you check out the cell phone holder.  Just send them a message on Facebook, they got back to me within minutes.68798851_957354237930245_7794422957048070144_n.jpg
  • GOOD OLD FASHIONED GIFT CERTIFICATE: Horse people are very hard to shop for because the nice things are often expensive. Why not let your horse person figure out what it is THEY want and go with a simple gift card to the local tack store.  None local?  You can also try SmartPakDover Saddlery, or
  • FOOTSY FUN: Last year I highly recommended the Noble Outfitters Boot Socks.  They are by far the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn.  I don’t need boots to enjoy them.  If you’re looking to go with a bit more fun and unique check out Dreamwers and Schemers.  The company offers a variety of boot socks with fun designsunipoop_1024x1024
  • EQUESTRIAN FASHION: Check out C4 Belts for great belts that your horse-person can use on their riding clothes (or anyday clothes).  They are waterproof and fully recyclable.  Every purchase helps to benefit shelter dogs in need.  They come with a LIFETIME warranty and have a ton of beautiful designs to choose from.  The best part?  They are ALL cut-to-size so you don’t have to guess your giftee’s waist size (let’s face it that would be disastrous).103bitgy02_01

Shopping for a horse person isn’t easy.  Here are a few options to help you get through the holiday season.  You can also peruse the past year’s collections at:

The Green Horseman’s Recommended Gifts Under $50

Holiday Gifts Under $50 for the Horse Lover

Happy shopping!


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    1. Lucky you! I am definitely due for a massage! I store my stress in my shoulder blade area. For back on track I have the wrist braces but I’d benefit from a body suit at this point.


    1. Happy to! I have been told I’m tough to shop for because I want expensive things and I’m very particular. I’ve got countless fleece throws with horses sweaters with horses and bags with horses on them or cheap jewelry with Horseheads Etc. People know that I love horses but I don’t necessarily like all of that stuff. I figured with this I cannot be alone so there must be some other people feel the same way. Hopefully this helps our loved ones find some excellent options that we can enjoy and use.

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  1. Oh my crickey! now what do I want for Christmas? awesome ideas lol. A lot of my friends are not horsey people sad to say but I will be quite happy to send this list to them. Just wondering the saddle box I couldn’t find if they post to Australia would you happen know if they do.?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here! I have made a lot of friends in the horse world but I do have a lot of friends and family who are always baffled by it. There’s nothing specific about the Saddle Box being international on their site aside from they charge extra for additional handling and customs. They mentioned Canada but on the same page they seemed to suggest they ship to other countries.


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