A new season is upon us.  With signs of springtime in the air brings sunlight, hope, joy.  The grass will soon be greening up.  The horses have begun shedding.  The mud is muddy as ever.

I have removed the insulating box on my water trough and the chickens have had their winter tarp removed from the run.

I am beginning to get the horses back into work.



You might remember that I reviewed my very first Cavali Club box at the beginning of January (The Sunday Review – CAVALI CLUB SPECIAL).  It was so incredible to get this box I just had to sign up for the full year.

Unlike similar subscription boxes Cavali Club comes out only once per season (4 per year).  The cost is $55 per box and, in my personal opinion, contains much higher quality products that are more desirable and useful in equestrian life.

So what exactly does the Spring Cavali Club box contain?

You can get spoilers leading up to it’s release but I chose to avoid those posts and emails to maintain the element of surprise.

Let’s get started shall we?



The box for spring is gorgeous.  Blue is my favorite color of course, for one.  The artwork is also very flowy.  I appreciate the smooth lines depicting horse and rider.




There was much less paper material in this season’s box.  I was greeted by the flyer, of course.  The flyer presents all of the items inside the box with a nice description and retail value for the item.

I was also presented with a flyer for Equitana USA which is coming to the states September 25-27 at the Kentucky Horse Park.  I would love to go as this is toted to be the largest trade fair in the world but Kentucky is quite a hike.

For more information on Equitana, check out:


The first item I found in the box was Cavali Club’s very own item…the Noble Steed Wine Stopper.  It is a beautiful silver color with a horse head on top designed to help keep your wine lasting. My very first thought upon seeing this was my favorite podcast Heels Down Happy Hour.  The ladies on this podcast come out with a new episode twice per month and always have a selected beverage for the episode.  While I enjoy wine I don’t often find myself drinking it but it will make a beautiful addition to our home bar.

Check it out at:

Noble Steed Wine Stopper Retail Value: $16


The next item to catch my eye was a long stretch of “horse socks” by EquiFit.  The horse socks can be cut to fit so it appears you can make up to four socks with the length supplied.  The socks are said to add the benefits of compression socks but also help to keep your horse protected from dirt and debris.  The socks can be worn alone OR even under boots.

For more information about EquiFit’s horse socks, visit:

Equifit HORSESOX Retail Value: $29


Next on the list is a high-end soft leather wallet brought to you by Tucker Tweed.  Tucker Tweed is a company that is dedicated to providing equestrians with high-end discipline-specific handbags.  This travel wallet was designed specifically for Cavali Club and has the Equitana USA logo on the backside of the wallet.  Inside you can carry cash, credit cards, or a passport.  You can also carry a small notepad to take notes on the go (something that’s completely up my alley).

For more information about Tucker Tweed, visit:

Tucker Tweed/Equitana USA Cavali Club Exclusive Leather Travel Wallet Retail Value: $85


Since spring has arrived (or at least on the way) I also found a lavender bloom soap infused sponge.  The sponge is a product be Ponytail Products and made with human-grade ingredients.  That means you can choose to keep it for yourself (14 uses) OR use if on your horse (3 uses).  Personally, I plan to try it on myself once and then probably give it to the horses (but not the reverse of course).

Lavender is said to help soothe anxiety and help calm nervousness.  This could be especially useful for the show season.

For more information about Foam and Frolic, visit:

First Place Foam and Frolic Lavender Infused Sponge: $21


In last season’s Cavali Club box we saw a lot of natural essential oil-based products.  In this season I found a small spray bottle of Helmet Refresher by Love, Scarlet Equestrian Co.  This spray contains essential oils and ingredients that help to freshen up the helmet and reduce bacterial growth (some ingredients include witch hazel, lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, eucalyptus).


Last season you might remember that I was given a $10 gift card and redeemed it for a similar product (Noggin).  The two are both quite similar and I look forward to using them both interchangeably as my riding frequency increases with the warmer weather.

For more information about Love, Scarlet Equestrian Co, visit:

Helmet Refresh by Love, Scarlet Equestrian Co: $10


As you may already know Back on Track is one of my favorite brands.  I am slowly acquiring more and more of their products for myself, my horses, and my family.

Something I have not yet tried from Back on track is their new line of liniments called Limber Up.  In this season’s box I received an 8oz trial size of the brace and wash spray.  I also found a 13oz foaming version of the same product.

For those unfamiliar, liniment plays a role in soothing achy sore muscles and joints along with strains, sprains, and bruises.  I often use liniment after exercise to leave the horse feeling refreshed…especially if we worked on something that was more challenging than normal.

For more information about Back On Track, visit:

Limber Up 8oz Trial Size Spray Retail Value: $10

Limber Up Foaming Liniment Retail Value: $18


Finally towards the bottom of my Spring 2020 Cavali Club box I found artwork by Kate Stephenson Photography.

Kate is based out of Saratoga, NY which is under an hour from my home.  Kate focuses on the natural curves and shapes of a horse and does well in capturing their natural beauty.  I find her photos to be unique; she chooses angles not often explored and executes it in a way to present elegance, grace, and class.  Her work was featured in last season’s box in the form of a small sticker.  This beautiful shot is printed 8×10 and can be framed for display around your farm or home.

For more information about Kate Stephenson, visit:

8″x10″ Original Print of Kate Stephenson’s “Chalie in Off-White” Retail Value: $25


So there you have it, friends.  Spring 2020 Cavali Club Box has been delivered, opened and rejoiced upon.  It contains some incredible items.  To recap:

  • Cavali Club Noble Steed Wine Stopper: $16
  • EquiFit HorseSox: $29
  • Tucker Tweed/Equitana USA Cavali Exclusive Leather Wallet: $85
  • Foam and Frolic Lavendar Infused Sponge: $21
  • Love, Scarlet Equestrian Co Helmet Refresh: $10
  • Back On Track Liniment Spray and Foam: $28
  • Kate Stephenson Original Print: $25


If this is the first Cavali Club Unveiling post (also see The Sunday Review – CAVALI CLUB SPECIAL)  I should mention that a single box will run you $54.95.  If you prefer to get a whole year (4 boxes/1 per season) you can pay $200 (or $50 per box).

In this box alone the value exceeds what I have already paid for the full year.

The materials in this season’s box are a pleasant combination of luxury and practical.  As I begin to get Tiger and Nahe in shape the helmet refresh will help me keeping my helmet smelling nice and prevent bacterial growth.  The liniment will aid in our tougher training sessions.  The soap and sox will help keep the boys looking great for any events we might have lined up.

The wine stopper is elegant and beautiful but also helps keep the wine fresh as I get together with girlfriends over drinks.  The leather wallet will keep my money situation in order and is especially helpful since my last wallet has long been overused.  Ms. Stephenson’s photography is a beautiful addition to my tack area.

Hopefully, I have shown you exactly why I LOVE Cavali Club.

I don’t get many opportunities to spoil myself.  While some subscription boxes provide the element of surprise and excitement of new goodies, Cavali Club takes the excitement to the next level.  The materials included are of high quality and truly intended to spoil horse and rider.  Carly at Cavali Club works hard to line up desirable items that equestrians truly want and love.

You can get yours now at




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