Heart to Horse: October 2017

What’s in the box?!

Last month I revealed the September Heart to Horse box and got some great items like a nice tote, brush, lunge line, etc.  To check out last month’s box visit Heart To Horse; September 2017.

A short month later and it’s time to reveal October! What’s in the box?!

Let’s begin…

What is the Heart to Horse Box?

Growing up you might have seen little brown bags at some stores that say “Mystery Bag” and they were sold at some cheap price.  A lot of us are drawn to these unknown surprises.  We want to know what’s in the bag, what’s in the box?

A lot of companies these days are taking advantage of this curious nature.  Companies like Bright Cellars, Graze, Keto Krate, Bark Box, Blue Apron sell subscriptions at a reasonable rate and in return we get our box full of surprises.

Why not, then, have a box for horses?  Hence, the Heart to Horse Box!

For $35 you receive a box containing various items including treats, supplements, fly control, barn items, and riding items.  The value more often than not far outweighs the price of the box itself.

What I enjoy most about the Heart to horse box?  You make a difference!  When you purchase a heart to horse box 25% of the proceeds go to a rescue.

October 2017 Heart to Horse Box Reveal

Due to a software hiccup I received two Heart to Horse boxes in September and none for October.  I was assured that this does not happen normally.  I equate the glitch to the fact that I ordered the subscription the day orders normally reset (the 16th).  What is so fabulous is that I was fully refunded the second September box and told to keep it; the second box was donated to my friend with the rescue horses.  The 15th fell on a Sunday this month so I called Horse.com up and spoken with a real person.  She rectified the situation and I had the October box 2 days later.  Are you as excited to see what’s in the box as I was?

My cat Kain assisted in the reveal as you can see in the top right corner.

I can already see a few things and I’m getting excited!  I see a lot of pink, it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, after all.


As with every Heart to Horse box, you receive a card like this.  On the back it tells you a list of the contents in the box.  You are also given a coupon for 15% off your next order with Horse.com (or Stateline if you buy through them).  This month my 25% helped benefit Tyr.  The caption states:

“Meet Tyr, a 20-year-old Shire gelding from Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.  Your Heart to Horse Box purchase this month includes a donation to Tyr and the other amazing horses at this great rescue.”

When you order your box you also are given the option to donate more.


What’s Inside:

  • Hooey Strings Canvas Bag (Reg $14.99)
  • Ramard Total Pre & Probiotic 30cc syringe (Reg $8.98)
  • Mustang Polo Wraps (Reg $21.99)
  • Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Boot Socks (Reg $14.39)
  • Noble Outfitters On the Go Belt (Not available from my research)

Overall Value (On the Go Belt Excluded): $60.35

I was really surprised that I was unable to find the last item; typically everything in in the box is available on the website so it can be re-ordered.  The final item, the On the Go belt, was not listed on Horse.com, StatelineTack, or the Noble Outfitters website. Realistically speaking Noble Outfitters is a good brand (and expensive) so the regular value would likely be something like $10-12, though I’d pay $5.99 for it.  It’s essentially an equestrian fanny pack and helps hold some things during a long ride.

I’m really excited about the boot socks, socks wear out so it’s always useful to have nice new ones.

In addition to the belt and socks the probiotic will be very useful since my thoroughbred has regular tummy troubles.

Like what you see?  It might be too late to order October’s box but you can most certainly order the November box!  Follow the links below to order now!

You can choose from Horse.com:

Heart to Horse: a mystery box filled with surprise tack, treats, apparel, and more!

or StatelineTack.com

Sign up for a Heart to Horse Box, and receive a monthly box filled with surprise Tack, Treats, Apparel, and More!

I recommend this product for:

  • A great gift idea for all horse people any time of the year!!!
  • New horse owners
  • Farm Owners (often has great barn supplies)
  • People who don’t already have or buy everything they could possibly need


  • You help a horse rescue in need
  • Opening your Heart 2 Horse box is like Christmas….you never know what’s in it and the surprise is so much fun!
  • The items are useful and practical
  • Helps to replace some items you haven’t gotten around to fixing or replacing
  • Great opportunity to try a supplement to see if your horse will eat it before you spend too much money on the full container
  • Discover new brands and products
  • Most wearable items are one size fits all
  • Did I mention you get to help a horse rescue?


  • You might get duplicates of what you don’t need
  • It’s highly addicting and you may want to get more
  • Not for the people who MUST have everything in matching colors

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