Heart To Horse; September 2017

I purchased the Heart To Horse Box a couple of times in the past and recently ordered the September box.  I am so excited to announce that it came in Friday!  Today I have the opportunity get to share with you the contents!

First off…what is the Heart to Horse Box?

Monthly subscriptions are becoming a hot item these days.  There seems to be a “box” for everyone these days.  Off the top of my head I can think of the Bark Box, Keto Krate, Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron, Graze….

Why not, then, have a box for horses?  Hence, the Heart to Horse Box!

Upon opening you get to see the name of the person who packed your Heart to Horse box.

For $35 you receive a box containing various items including treats, supplements, fly control, barn items, and riding items.  The value more often than not far outweighs the price of the box itself.  What you get each month varies and it often coincides with some seasonal necessities.  For example, March of 2016 contained Rambo wash and a bag for my stall front to put blankets in.  This was timely since I live in the northeast and we were entering the mud season!

What I enjoy most about the Heart to horse box?  You make a difference!  When you purchase a heart to horse box 25% of the proceeds go to a rescue.

September 2017 Reveal!

The Heart to Horse box ships out on the 15th of every month…often times I actually receive the box ON the 15th (as I did this occasion). I was thrilled to see it it arrive with my mail and I instantly got busy.  So …. what’s in this month’s box?

“Meet Pandora, a 7-year-old Haflinger Mare from Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.  Your Heart to Horse Box purchase this month includes a donation to Pandora and the other amazing horses at this great rescue”

After opening the box and removing the tissue paper, you’re welcomed with a photo of one of the horses benefiting from your donation.  You also receive a coupon for 15% off your next order through Horse.com.  If you flip the card over it will tell you the products you’ve received and their Item number in case you want to order more.

Ready to see what’s in the box?



What you’re seeing:

  • Professional’s Choice Carry All Bag (Reg: $25.95)
  • Professional’s Choice 30′ Lunge Line (Reg: $24.95)
  • Tail Tamer Soft Touch Mane Comb (Reg: $3.95)
  • Tail Tamer Synthetic Bristle Brush (Reg: $7.95)
  • 2 Rolls of Vet Wrap (Reg: $1.95 each)

As you can see the values of these products add up to well over $35.  I am quite pleased…as it happens my current lunge line ripped and I used my last roll of vet wrap about two months ago and haven’t gotten around to replacing it.  My brushes all could use some cleaning and who DOESN’T love a bag to organize things in?  I already have plans to store my Back on Track sheet in this back (it’s big enough!).


I recommend this product for:

  • A great gift idea for all horse people any time of the year!!!
  • New horse owners
  • Farm Owners (often has great barn supplies)
  • People who don’t already have or buy everything they could possibly need


  • You help a horse rescue in need
  • Opening your Heart 2 Horse box is like Christmas….you never know what’s in it and the surprise is so much fun!
  • The items are useful and practical
  • Helps to replace some items you haven’t gotten around to fixing or replacing
  • Great opportunity to try a supplement to see if your horse will eat it before you spend too much money on the full container
  • Discover new brands and products
  • Most wearable items are one size fits all
  • Did I mention you get to help a horse rescue?


  • You might get duplicates of what you don’t need
  • It’s highly addicting and you may want to get more
  • Not for the people who MUST have everything in matching colors

Heart to Horse: a mystery box filled with surprise tack, treats, apparel, and more!

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