When You’re a Barn Rat…

…you sometimes forget to eat.

I’m about to go Fighting the Fat Kid Within on you in this post because human health is equally as important as horse health.  We can’t do our horses any good if we’re not healthy.

True barn rats can tell you that time on the farm slips through your fingers worse than reins when you forget riding gloves on a hot day.  You arrive at the farm and before you know it six hours have gone by and you haven’t eaten anything and you’re lucky if you remembered water.


I love this because I have a few pounds to lose but it can be detrimental, especially when you feel your blood sugar suddenly drop.  Allowing this to happen can be very unpleasant at its best and dangerous at its worst.  Nobody wants to be around hungry people. Neither do horses.  When your blood sugar drops you easily get tired or confused and you might even get hangry.  When dealing with half ton creatures you need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally clear.

Why am I bringing this up?

I have gotten into the habit of keeping a few snacks handy at the barn and in the car for those times when I run out of the house with horses on the brain and not properly planning for the day. I admit, it happens a lot on my days off.

What kind of snacks can I keep at the barn?

I discovered Graze a year or two ago and it has changed my life.

Please bear with me.  I am not an affiliate of Graze but I do receive rewards through referrals.  THIS IS NOT MY MAIN OBJECTIVE.

I want to make it very clear going forward that my praise comes from a truly happy customer who wants to share a surprisingly good experience with you. I 100% stand behind this company because of how relevant it is for us barn folks and many of our lifestyles.  I would never sing praise of a product I didn’t support, it simply is not who I am.

Before I used to grab protein bars at the store.  I have enjoyed several varieties, Quest being one of my favorites.  Many are $1.50-$2.00 per bar and are often meant to be used as meal replacements…200 calories or more.  If I needed a snack I’d have to either eat half (and rarely finish the other half) or have too many calories.  Plus, energy bars get BORING.

Then you could get fruit snacks but those are full of sugar.

…Or chips but they are unhealthy and go stale.

……Veggies and fruit go bad quickly.

………and then,




Like the Heart to Horse Box, Graze is a subscription program.  I began by receiving my first box for free and it contained a number of snacks personalized to my tastes and preferences.  Because of a nut allergy in my house I was able to trash all the snacks containing nuts.  If I was going gluten free I could do that as well.  In fact you can categorize your preferences by:

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten content
  • Soy content
  • Dairy Content
  • Nuts
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Chocolate
  • Spiciness
  • Microwave Required

If you’re peculiar like me and want to handpick the snacks you can go through each of the 100+ options and personally choose “Trash” “Try” “Like” or “Love” and each will determine the frequency of what you receive in your personalized box.  Like the Heart to Horse box, however, Graze keeps each box a surprise while choosing from your preferred snacks.  So you won’t know which of your picks you’ll end up getting but you’ll have a say in what they choose from.



In the subscription you receive 8 snacks.  As my gift to you, Using my Code HTPPN32KU will get you a free box.  Yes, you need to submit your credit card information but believe me, if you choose to cancel there are no gimmicks.  I got my first box with the full intention of cancelling.  I LOVED my snacks!


Anybody who knows me personally knows I’m frugal and hate spending money on stuff like this.  I had 8 different unique and HEALTHY snacks.  Each was sealed, tasted great, and decently portioned.  I ended up staying with the program and pay $11.99 per order.  Breaking it down you get 8 different and completely tailored to you snacks for $1.50 each.  I was paying that for my energy bars!

With my code if you enjoy your first box and continue your subscription you will also get your 5th box free.  This means your’e only paying 60% of the first 5 boxes….or 90¢ each for the first 40 snacks.



I began by signing up for one box per month.  Because I enjoyed the variety so much they were gone within the first week.  I then chose to order every other week.  You get to decide how often you want to receive your order.  You can choose weekly, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks.  You don’t have to sign any contracts, join any clubs/memberships.  All you do is sign in and change the frequency.  No penalties, no fuss.

You may also delay a box.  If you’re going on vacation or simply need one shipment held off, log in and snooze your box.  You’ll get to choose when to receive the next order.


When I receive a snack I’m not particularly a fan of I have to go into my account to select “Trash” on that snack.

–>The nice thing is, however, when you go into your account Graze will show you the 8 snacks you last received so you don’t have to navigate through the entire catalog.

I also sometimes have trouble deciding which one I want because I’ve narrowed my boxes down to all snacks that I really enjoy.


  • Most of the snacks you will receive in the graze box are ready to take on the go.
  • The snacks are healthy and mostly low calorie
  • Each snack is sealed really well so if you have a box hanging out at the barn getting dusty it won’t ruin your food.


I mentioned earlier that my code will entitle you to your 1st and 5th boxes free.

Follow This Link and make sure to use code HTPPN32KP

This will help you out but it will also help earn me rewards so I can get more tasty snacks.  It’s a win-win.

Have you already tried Graze?

How was your experience?

If you had a negative experience did you contact the Graze team and were they able to resolve you problem?

My review above is purely based on my experience with the company.  They have always responded quickly when I reached out to them and have been very supportive.  I look forward to hearing from you!


    1. Graze goes to any of the 50 US states and the U.K. With their growing success I hope they are able to expand further but I’m unsure of what they have in the works as far as international shipping goes.

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