Heart to Horse Box – January 2018

I have been silent lately.  My apologies.  We’ll get to that later.

I want to make sure we didn’t miss January’s Heart to Horse box from Horse.com!

This unfortunately is going to be my final Heart to Horse box for a while.  While I encourage you to go ahead to try them out it is not financially viable for me at this time.


If you’re just joining me and aren’t quite sure what the Heart to Horse box is….well….

A hot item people enjoy these days are subscriptions and mystery boxes.  There is a mystery box for everything these days.  Shaving, clothes, make-up, dog toys, snacks, etc.

Why not, then, have a box for horses and their people?  Hence, the Heart to Horse Box!

The box itself costs only $35, and 25% of that is contributed to a horse rescue.  Inside your monthly mystery box is a set of goodies that are usually seasonally based.  You may find treats, supplements, riding gear, stable supplies, or even some horse-wear. For $35 you receive a box containing various items including treats, supplements, fly control, barn items, and riding items.  The value more often than not far outweighs the price of the box itself.  What you get each month varies and it often coincides with some seasonal necessities.

The items in the box is usually worth more than what you pay PLUS you get a bunch of useful items PLUS you get the fun of opening your monthly surprise PLUS you help a horse rescue.  How can you go wrong?

First things first,

“Meet Avalanche, a 20-year-old Percheron Gelding from Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.  Your Heart to Horse Box purchase this month includes a donation to Avalanche and the other amazing horses at this great rescue.”

AND you get 15% off your next order.


The January 2018 Reveal!


What’s Inside This Month’s Box

  • Air Power (Reg. $20.09)
    • The card showed a single serving tube but I actually received a full bottle
  • Absorbine Hooflex (Reg. $13.39)
  • Galloping Horse Infinity Scarf (Reg. $16.99)
  • Formay Wooden Stiff Brush
    • Not available on Horse.com but similar brushes sell for about $10.00
  • Corona Pure-Flex Flexible Bandage (Reg. $2.71)

I highly recommend this box for horse owners, horse lovers, even someone who’s leasing a horse.  This makes for a great gift and is well worth the money.

Can’t use an item? You can see if a friend wants it or you can sell it to someone who will use it.  For example, I’m probably going to sell these two supplements simply because my horse has no issues requiring them.  There are plenty of horses in the area, however, that can benefit from it.

Alternatively, extend your charitable contribution to rescues by donating the items you can’t use.

Still on the fence? Take a peak at what was inside past Heart to Horse boxes.

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