The Sunday Review: Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Boot Socks


So a while back in 2017 you MIGHT remember I reviewed a Heart To Horse box Heart To Horse; October 2017.

Inside that box I received a flamingo pink pair of socks, the Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Perfect Fit Boot Socks.

Since then I have purchased at least three more pairs on my own…in black this time.

The Perfect Fit boot socks seem to be exactly that. A perfect fit. I have very large calves….to the point that I have been told I need custom tall boots if I ever want to compete in horse shows. Finding socks that go over my calves ideally is also an issue.

From the moment I rolled up these socks I knew I found “the one.” These socks hugged my feet in all the right places offering mild compression without cutting off my circulation. They didn’t seem to be over stretched either. They were, in fact, a PERFECT FIT.

The socks are made of 73% nylon, 12% polyester, 10% cotton, and 5% lycra. There is padding under the foot, not enough to feel bulky but just enough to notice the difference and appreciate the extra cushion. They are light, soft, and breathable.


  • Attractive: Sure there are no FUN designs like some other companies but the simplicity is still attractive.
  • Comfortable: I have kept these socks on long after taking off my riding gear. I love lounging around the house with them.
  • One Size: There’s no worrying about what size to get. You simply get one size and it just fits.
  • Stretchy: Despite my woes of having large calves the material doesn’t get overstretched and it doesn’t really seem to look stretched, either.
  • Easy to clean: I work hard and often I struggle with stinky feet. These clean up well even after a long day of mucking stalls and riding horses.


I truly cannot think of a con for these socks. I wish I could wear these every day because finding socks I love is often difficult.


You can get boot socks from just about any company. I haven’t yet found a pair that compares perfectly to the Perfect Fit boot sock.

The Shires Equestrian boot socks are very comfortable but they don’t offer the same compression and padding that the Noble socks provide.

I have also tried Horze socks and the designs are nice but the designs also stretch WAY out with my calves. They are certainly made of a less forgiving material and they seem to wear out faster than the Noble Outfitters socks.

Final Word:

The Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit boot socks are my number one favorite sock…even of my tedious day-to-day socks. They are comfortable and fit perfectly. They are simple and attractive. There are some basic colors available…blue (island blue), pink (flamingo), purple (grape), black, navy, white.

You can find these socks in most tack stores near you; check out to find your retailer. You can also find them at Dover Saddelry Typically the socks retails at about $15 per pair but you can find them at more affordable prices when stores have special sales. I found three pairs of them at a local annual tent sale for $5 each (That’s a tough price to find normally). They are definitely worth it but I do prefer to spend $10 or less on them so I wait for my sales and take good care of the socks.


  1. Now that it is warm in the South, I am getting a heat rash from the top part of my socks. I noticed several women with it a couple of weeks ago while horse camping. Do these socks give you a heat rash?

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    1. I have not had an issue with heat rash. My biggest issue I ran into the other day, it was hot out and I had the socks up with my breeches over them and everything under y half chaps. I wore them from 6:30am to after the clinic I rode in. I didn’t get to take them off until 1:30pm and since I have big calves everything sweat and left marks. but no heat rash, fortunately

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  2. I just got on line & ordered a pair. lol. I have a bad ankle from a fall off a horse. It had taken off as I was with other riders I feared for their safety so I tried to safety roll off to the left, only to have it shy violently away from me in the process catching my right foot in the stirrup for a split second. Was a tricky fall cracked my helmet as I hit the ground & of course my right ankle took my full body weight like a sling shot. Since then I have been looking for a decent boot sock to give me a little extra support through my calf & ankle. Thankyou.

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