The Sunday Review: Cavali Club Special

What’s better than Christmas? Christmas every season!

That’s exactly what it feels like when I receive my seasonal box from Cavali Club. Once every season Carly from Cavali Club curates a box for equestrians. The box itself is designed to delight right from the start. A new artist is featured each season. the box also contains product for the home, the horse, and the rider.

“Spring Christmas 2021” is officially my sixth Cavali Club box and I can’t wait to see what Carly has in store for us.

Welcome to the SPRING 2021 Cavali Club Special!

The first item to come from the winter 2020 Cavali Club box was a canvas satchel. Inside was the shell for a beautiful 18″x18″ throw pillow. The artwork was designed by Talia Gavish of Pen & Pony. The title of the work is Villa Arch and the pillow itself was made exclusively for members, but I will include a link to Pen & Pony below so you can see the nice artwork for yourself.

I’ve been excited for camping season to finally use my trailer and I think this will be a lovely addition to the bed.

Villa Arch Equestrian Pillow Case Retail: $35

Under the pillow case I grabbed a small white cube. It turned out to be a brush bomb. The bath bomb was made to help clean all of your grooming brushes.

I might have mentioned in the past that I hate cleaning brushes….I’d almost buy new brushes before having to clean my old hair filled ones. I’m very eager to give this brush bomb a shot. The instructions are very simple….
Fill a bucket with water…drop in brushes….wait for fizzing to stop….rinse.

Just like that your brushes are said to be like new again. I won’t know until I try it but I’m very interested and excited to try it! I will let you know when I do!!!

Virtue Soap Company Brush Bomb Retail: $6.50

In addition to cleaning brushes Carly is starting us off right for spring with a NEW brush! I received the 2-in-1 Curry brush (while some subscribers received a 2-in-1 tail comb). This unique brush has a long handle; On one side is a curry comb, on the other is a bristle brush.

The company is run by Mel Mueller and her three daughters. I love to see small businesses getting the spotlight!

BrushBuster 2-In-1 Grooming Brush/Curry Retail: $20

I was greeted next by a medium sized black box. In Spring 2020 we received a beautiful horse head wine stopper. Now for spring 2021 we received a beautiful set of 6 wine glass charms. Each charm is a different color and has different artwork designed by Eliza Frye.

Thanks to Carly I have all the makings of a truly elegant ladies night equestrian style!

The Gable Equestrian Inspired Wine Charms: $25

During the weeks leading up to the Spring 2021 box launch Carly teased us with some spoilers. I was immediately elated when I saw the spoiler for the next item. Inside this season’s curation is a saddle bag. It’s relatively small (smaller than most saddle bags) and is pictured on both english saddles AND western saddles. The bag is even more versatile and can be used as a hip bag.

When I purchased my trailer and after my first trip to Otter Creek I was determined to make camping and trail riding a regular part of my life. I’ve been eying different saddle bags and have yet to be impressed by any.

This bag is stylish looking and can be used with any saddle. It’s smaller than the large bulky bags but big enough to hold a sandwich and a drink for packing picnic items. I’m looking forward to our first adventure with this bag.

CC Essentials Wander Saddle Bag Retail: $59

There last item I received in the Spring 2021 Cavali Club box is a free sample pouch of Tribute Wholesome Blends Senior feed. I don’t feed concentrates but this is a delicious looking food that the boys will happily enjoy as a nice treat.

I do particularly like that this feed has no soy or added iron and is low in starch.

In addition to the free sample the shopping site Corro also added a free neck gaiter to this season’s curation.

I’ve received six Cavali Club boxes now and have been elated by what I’ve received. Not everything is something I would ordinarily buy myself but they most certainly make me feel special.

One of the best parts of the subscription is spotlight on brands I hadn’t otherwise heard of. Carly finds artists and small businesses to participate and creates outstanding curations season after season. The products are fabulous and I can see myself returning to the small business again when I’m due for new product.

Carly also works to design exclusive items (CC Essentials and The Gable) that are unique to Cavali Club. I don’t know of any other subscription box that goes to these lengths.

Finally, I am drawn to the overall value of the box. Each box monthly costs at most $59 (less if you buy the year up front). Inside the box is a collection of items worth much more. Some items you might use and other items you might gift to others. On the Cavali Club Facebook group you might even be able to swap an item you won’t use with someone else who wants it. It’s a lovely community.

Take this season’s box for example:

  • Villa Arch Equestrian Pillow Case: $35
  • Brush Blaster Bomb by Virtue Soap Company: $6.50
  • BrushBuster 2-in-1 Curry/Brush: $20
  • The Gable Equestrian Inspired Wine Charms: $25
  • CC Essentials Wander Saddle Bag: $59

TOTAL: $145.50

Still undecided on whether to sign up? Here are some of my past boxes:

FINALLY ready to sign up? You won’t be disappointed. Cavali Club costs less per year than Heart to Horse and Saddle Box (They are $35/month) and provides far superior products and quality. You’re going to love all four “Christmases.”

So sign up for your box at

**NOTE: I’m told the annual membership is down temporarily but should return…soon hopefully**

Enjoy and see you next time!

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