The Sunday Review: Cavali Club Special

Of all the “finds” I’ve made in the horse world Cavali Club has to be one of my most favorite.

I am an incredibly hard person to shop for. I’m picky, particular, and polite. My friends and family have always struggled at Christmastime and to be honest I have trouble communicating what I want….because I either do not KNOW what I want or it’s too expensive. I’ve also grown up with a sense of never asking anyone for anything.

A horse girl with expensive taste? That almost doesn’t sound real [facetiously spoken with a devilish grin].

While my family (and myself most times) struggles to figure me out Carly of Cavali Club says “hold my beer” and delivers fabulous surprises season after season.

I first signed up to Cavali Club this time last year. I bought a single box with no real intention of commitment. I thought, “here’s JUST another subscription box.” I had been subscribed to Heart 2 Horse for a while and lost my taste for it. I received a Saddle Box which was no different. Cavali Club was more expensive per box so I didn’t make any long term commitments.

Then I received the box.

Boy was I surprised.

I decided to subscribe for the full year and now eagerly anticipate my package at the start of every season. Now here I am ready to share with you my fifth Cavali Club box opening!

Welcome to the Winter 2020 Cavali Club Special!

The first item to come from the winter 2020 Cavali Club box was a winter beanie hat from TKEQ. It’s grey in color and will go with any outfit. I love it’s soft texture and I can’t wait to use it. Here in NY we have a lot of opportunities to enjoy nice warm hats. Though I don’t enjoy the cold it will be significantly improved by this.

TKEQ Classic Knit Beanie Retail: $25

Packaged next to the TKEQ beanie I found the Dapplebay Good Rides Pack. This pouch is elegantly designed to hold a phone or treats while being worn around the waist. It’s an elegant grey with an adjustable black and white waistband. I’ve been looking forward to this item as most of my riding clothes don’t have pockets. I have a carrying case that straps around my leg but it doesn’t work great (and falls off on hunter paces). Now I have no excuse not to have my phone with me on every ride. I never expected fannypacks to make a comeback, but when they look as nice as this (and are incredibly useful) I can’t wait to show it off!

Dapplebay Good Rides Pack Retail: $24

As a feature of Cavali Club, Carly includes one or two home goods items that we can all appreciate. Inside the winter 2020 Cavali Club box is a candle by Centerline Candles. The design is simple and elegant and makes a wonderful addition to decor. Each candle is handpoured and features a wooden wick. This candle is scented as Blue Spruce but the site features an impressive collection of scents.

Centerline Candles Blue Spruce 4oz jar Retail: $7

In addition to the Centerline Candle, Carly included a more substantial homegoods item in this season’s Cavali Club box. In this one, a cheeseboard made of solid acacia wood. At the top is a fashionable D ring snaffle bit. The cheeseboard is beautifully made and very solid.

The Gable Acacia Wood Cheese Board Retail: $49

In a typical Cavali Club box curation we also usually see the work of an artist. This season Carly put a unique spin on the artist special feature. A coloring book! This coloring book is special as each page is contributed by a different artist…not only does it celebrate the artists themselves but it gives us the opportunity for us to put our own creative juices to work. With adult coloring books becoming so popular it doesn’t surprise me to see one featured, and winter is an excellent season for such an item. The weather is colder, the days are darker. They allow us to reconnect with our inner child.

Cavali Club Coloring Book Retail: $20

There is one final item in the winter 2020 Cavali Club box. These are something that I have considered being for a while but never got around to it. In the Cavali Club Facebook group I had mentioned them but never gave it much more thought. Now, here we have it. Stirrup covers! Last year I purchased a brand new Pessoa saddle and I noticed the stirrups were leaving marks on it. I want to keep the saddle in good shape. I know that crew socks are useful for protecting the leather but I wanted something real. Carly organized these CC Essentials Ultra Sized Stirrup sleeves for us. The sleeves are made of neoprene and have holes to allow you to pass the leathers through. I recently cleaned my saddle and I am beyond excited to use these!

CC Essentials Ultra Sized Stirrup Sleeves Retail: $20

Cavali Club is a great choice for any horse person. There are home good items, horse items, rider items. Carly works hard to design one of a kind items, she highlights new artists, and she brings in small business. The curations are season appropriate and always worth well more than the cost of the box itself. I really don’t know how Carly does it but I am thrilled every time.

I hadn’t thought about it until a woman brought her daughter up in the Cavali Club Facebook group. Although this box is TECHNICALLY designed for adults most of the items included transcends age. In any one box you might get one or two items you wouldn’t necessarily use…but they make great gifts (trainer perhaps?)! Even if you gift some items you still get way more than you pay for with the Cavali Club box.

Take this season’s box for example:

  • TKEQ Classic KnitBeanie: $25
  • Dapplebay Good Rides Pack: $24
  • Centerline Candles Blue Spruce Candle: $7
  • The Gable Acacia Wood Cheese Board: $49
  • Cavali Club Coloring Book: $20
  • CC Essentials Ultra Sized Stirrup Sleeves: $20

TOTAL: $145

Considering each box is $55 ($59 if you can’t commit to the year) I’d say the value is well worth it.

I have subscribed to other boxes in the past. They delivered cheaper items monthly and it grew tiresome (and actually cost more per year). With Carly doing only one box per season it gives her time to curate a more meaningful group of items…design unique items…and most importantly, build anticipation!

I HIGHLY recommend the Cavali Club box to anyone who loves horses. It’s stylish, supports small business, supports artists, and supports our need for gifts that we don’t need but can use….it just makes you feel…special.

And you are special.

So sign up for your box at

I love you all and I’ll see you next time!

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