The Sunday Review: Saddle Pad by Weatherbeeta

As a new horse owner with Blade, I was more concerned with cost. I didn’t have anything so I had to get everything. Cost was a big deal to me. I had no issue buying used saddlepads or new as long as they stayed under $20.

As the years have progressed I have discovered the joy of quality and higher end items. You get what you pay for. This week I will cover a great saddle pad that I love made by Weatherbeeta.

Weatherbeeta is a well-known and reputable company that has been around over 40 years. They are known best for their durable high quality horse rugs (I’m due to review those too!). They offer many other products as well and that includes their saddle pads.

I have a stool now, not the ladder

The Weatherbeeta saddlepads are a cotton material. The liner is a moisture wicking polyester. The spine is made with a mesh material that allows superior air flow. The shape of the pad follows the natural curve of the horses back better than basic pads to reduce the risk of unnecessary pressure on the withers. You can find the pads in an assortment of colors (I’ve noticed new released are available in other countries before the U.S.). Three styles (jump, dressage and all purpose) will help suit your needs.

Weatherbeeta also offers ear bonnets that match their saddle pads.


  • Vented Spine
  • Great fit
  • Good Material
  • Durable
  • Contoured shape
  • Many unique designs and colors plus matchy ear bonnets


  • Pricier than basic saddle pads
  • I want one in every color but my wallet says “no”
  • Some designs get discontinued and can be tough to find
  • I have never seen these pads discounted


I chose the Equi Rack for it’s design but there are a lot of similar options out there, too.

  • Dover Saddlery: Dover has some nice variety to choose from at a more affordable price point, but they are noticeably poorer quality (material,design,shape).
  • PS of Sweden: The saddle pads are high end for sure but PRICEY
  • Le Mieux: Another high end saddlepad. The ones I’ve used are a bit heavier duty (denser) and similarly priced.
  • Tack of The Town: As you know I’ve recently reviewed the company’s brand new subscription box. Their saddlepads are custom designed, elegant, and contoured. They are also similarly prices and I do love to support small business

Final Word:

The Weatherbeeta saddlepad has become a favorite pad for daily riding. It’s about double the price of my old basic Dover pads but worth every penny. I have not yet found any other company that adds the vented spine…and combined with my vented spine ThinLine halfpad it makes a big difference. On hunter paces, harder rides, hotter days, the Weatherbeeta pad is my first choice and my horses approve. I have noticed faster cooldown times and happier horses, even if only a slight difference.

The contoured shape leads to a better fit under saddle and it doesn’t slip. I’ve noticed the sweat dries faster.

Photo courtesy of

The saddle pad was expertly designed in shape, form, and function, but it’s also attractive! As you can tell I love colors and matchy matchy. I own the blue, red, and yellow ombre pads. Last year they came out with a beautiful marble print (I showed restraint). They also have several other ombre colors and solid color pad options. They sell three different cuts…jump, all purpose, and dressage.

Wetherbeeta Saddle Pads? Well worth the buy. They are affordable, durable, well made, and the vented spine really sells me above the competition. I enjoy other brands, too, but I will never be without a Weatherbeeta.


  1. It so great to find a saddle pad that doesn’t get that kink in it just below the wither, as many do, it would have to be so uncomfortable. I love your colour choice how rude your wallet saying no to all the colours. We have a second hand saddlery shop about an hours drive from us, people sell their things on consignment it is a great place to pick up gear my wallet approves of sometimes. lol.

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    1. Haha! YES! I love a good consignment shop. We also find ourselves scouring the large tack sales…usually a barn will host and people can sign up to get a table (free-$15) to sell their things. I just got a $200 Thinline Halfpad for $25 doing that!

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