It’s Been a Minute

Wow has time flown by this year.
I honestly did not intend to disappear for the whole summer, but it appears to have slipped through my fingers. But I am ready to return to you again, my friends!

The cooler weather is inching in, work has slowed down, and I’m itching to returning to my blogspace and incredible friends/readers.

I had to actually go to the website homepage to remember where I left off…back on July 1st Tiger narrated our camping trip from June! And before that I had to excuse myself in June due to the busy nature of life. I never expected my hobby woodworking platform to get so much attention. I’ve had some adventures. I’ve had some heartache. I’ve been working with the challenges of a new schedule and trying to find the right new routine.

Change is a-brewing!

The first thing to announce is a new article launch day.

With my new schedule on days it can be a little hectic launching a Thursday morning article. Moving forward I will be testing the waters with an 8am EST Saturday morning read, starting THIS SATURDAY!

I’m looking forward to catching you up on what’s been going on in my own life but would love to hear from you about what’s been going on in yours as well. Additionally I’d be happy to take any suggestions on what you’d like to see more of.

As you can tell I’ve been returning to The Sunday Reviews first. Personal articles are next. I am also starting Wordless Wednesdays back up and might even through the quotes back in occasionally too!

I’d love to restart the research articles, but that will take some time and may be in a much lighter form. For example I might simply highlight a single NEW article and I will interpret and discuss.

Until Saturday, take care and I’m happy to be back!

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