The Sunday Review: NEW Tack Of the Town Subscription Box

This summer I found a new subscription box and couldn’t resist!

For a while I have been watching the Tack of the Town Facebook page. The site has some fabulous saddle pad collections. I MAY have too many saddle pads but I have finally made the decision to sell off all my non-matching and/or lower brand saddle pads. After seeing the difference in a high quality saddle pad I am replacing my collection.

That said, I was THRILLED to learn that Tack of The Town was starting up their very own subscription boxes FEATURING their own designs!

Not only do I know I’m getting quality but I’m also getting a surprise box curated just for me!

There are some really unique ideas about Tack of The Town’s subscription that I feel sets it apart. To start the box is available in 4 sizes. For $25 you can get the started box which includes some favorites and smaller items. For $50 to can get advanced and have designs made exclusively for the subscription. At $150 you get the pro package and it will feature a full matchy matchy set along with other handpicked goodies (saddle pad, bonnet, brushing boots). Lastly….the pro plus is the top notch box for $200 and comes with a matchy set plus goodies and possibly even riding tights and apparel!

Another cool feature about the box is it’s attention to the individual. When starting your subscription the site asks a set of questions to get to know you and your horse better. What color is your horse, your favorite color, allergies, riding tights and shirt size (it’s nice knowing you’ll actually be able to wear the clothes sent to you).

I had the chance to demo a beta box for $100 and I absolutely LOVED mine! I’m dying to show off what I got so here we go!

The first item I received was a handmade leather keychain with my initial (both first and last of mine are S so it works). Ironically I still don’t have anything on my set of truck keys so that’s right where it went.

The next item(s) caught my eye with a shimmer. Out of the box came both a red with black and a black ear bonnet! Both bonnets are beautifully crafted, soft, and both have bling! Each of these are about $25 normally.

One upon a time I had a lovely Bridle Charm on Blade’s bridle that said “Follow Your Dreams”. Sadly it got lost after his passing. I had used the bridle on Tiger at a hunter pace and it must have fallen off there.

In the new Tack of the Town box I received a new bridle charm! This one says “Be You” you a lovely blue accent piece. It’s perfect!

I also received a pair of Dreamers and Schemers boot socks. These are super comfortable and feature cocktails.

Not only did Tack of the Town think of our horses but they also added a treat for humans, too!

For horses, I received a bag of Sneak e Snacks. The treats contain beet pulp, barley, alfalfa, flax, black oil sunflower seeds, and oats. The horses loved them!

For humans, I received a bag of delicious kettle corn! I brought both bags camping and we all enjoyed the tasty treats.

Last but most certainly not least I received a beautifully made saddle pad. The pad is the match for my new red ear bonnet and both were designed by Tack of the Town. The pad itself is worth about $50. The set is going to look lovely on either of the gentlemen!


  • Affordable
  • Different packages allow for different price points
  • One of the most intelligently designed boxes I’ve seen, multiple questions to help steer the curator to the best possible box


  • Could use an option to change frequency of subscription boxes (monthly, quarterly, etc)

Final Word:

I am really impressed by my beta box for the Tack of the Town’s new subscription. As mentioned before, it is the only box that took this much consideration into the individual horse and rider (you don’t need to have a horse). I haven’t tallied up the value of all the items in the box but with the Tack of the Town exclusive items alone the cost of the box was covered. The total value easily exceeded the $100 I spent and is likely up towards $175-180. I apologize to post this review as late as I have, but the good news is the beta testing is complete and you can now purchase your own subscription box at any time! To do so visit:

I know that I will be back soon for another box. I love the matchy sets and I am slowly getting rid of my lower end non contoured saddle pads and outfitting my tack room with more Tack of the Town items, LeMieux, and Wetherbeeta.

For me personally I would love to see an option for a larger time frame between boxes. A full matchy set every month will certainly fill my tack room and empty my bank account faster than I’m able to keep up. 1-4x/year would be the most ideal for such an impressive collection. That said, the smaller boxes are sure to please at a higher frequency!

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