The Sunday Review: Noble Outfitters Muck Boots

In the past I’ve reviewed a few Noble Outfitters items. One of my favorite riding socks is made by Noble Outfitters (The Sunday Review: Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Boot Socks). They’ve also made a few things I love but haven’t yet reviewed. When my old trusty muck boots finally quit on me (I don’t remember the brand but they lasted me from high-school through my mid twenties doing light duty) I was forced to find a new muck boot.

Noble Outfitters was a name I recognized and trusted. I couldn’t fit in the high calf but the mid-calf option seemed to work nicely. So let’s check them out!

The Noble Outfitters company makes several different types of muck boots. I’ve had the opportunity to try the Cold Front, and Stay Cool varieties. I don’t know if I notice any difference from one to the other, to be perfectly honest.

Noble Outfitters muck boots are waterproof, slip resistant, and antimicrobial. They are made with industrial grade rubber and have a breathable liner.

The nicest thing about these boots is the fit. They are extremely comfortable even for my hard to fit feet (when I walk around in them my normal foot pain starts but I have very wide flat feet). The insole is super comfortable making it easy to spend all day on your feet mucking stalls. They leave room in the toe area for extra socks in winter.

Where Noble Outfitters falls short is the durability. The first pair of boots (Purchased 2018) began to leak on me in a matter of months. I reached out to the company and they were very easy to work with. I received a replacement pretty quickly. I still have and use the replacements (received in 2019) but they have been leaking for a while. The rubber exterior seems to break down and crack. Muddy season reveals where those cracks are as the muddy ground seeps in. I’ve been putting off getting a new pair of boots but I will need to soon…I’m tired of soggy feet.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Warranty


  • Sweaty feet
  • Don’t last longer than a year (maybe two) before they leak


  • Buy an extra pair so when your boots begin to leak you can change into the new ones, the leaky ones still work well during dry days. I wish I did this sooner.


I haven’t tried any other brands to date, I often use old beat up sneakers for horse chores unless it’s raining or winter. Here are some other brands that are commonly suggested by others:

  • Mountain Horse: Highly recommended brand but expensive
  • Muck Boot Company: Competitively priced and available through Tractor Supply.
  • Shires: Shires has a winter muck boot that looks comfortable and easy to use. Not great for warmer days, though

Final Word:

Despite the issues with my boots wearing down and leaking I would buy the Noble Outfitters muck boots again. I use muck boots regularly and having something to shield you from the wet and cold weather is critical here in New York. They usually keep me warm and they are very comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Check them out for yourself at:


  1. It is so hard finding good quality things that last well like your old boots. I have a pair of plain black gum boots that I bought from Big W that I have had for a few years now, I have gone through 2 pair of RM Williams boots that I didn’t wear as often, in the time I have had these $15 gum boots. Mind you, the gum boots probably not great for your snowy winters? I hope you find a brand that last better & keeps ya tootsies comfy dry & warm.

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  2. For wider feet, like mine too, I prefer to buy men’s instead of women’s sizes. It allows for the wider toe are to fit better. I find these boots to be of high quality and very comfortable.

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    1. Thats a great note, thank you! My boots never seem to hold up to more than 8-10 months at which point they start to leak on the insides. I am currently trying a new brand that came out last year and the specific boot is made for bigger feet. The company is from Texas called DryShod. Fingers crossed and I will try to post updates when Ive had a chance to wear them a bit


  3. Thanks for the review. I love my Noble Outfitters mud boots but after about 18 months they are leaking, which is really annoying as it is so boggy outside on our farm, at present. I will keep them to wear during the drier seasons, though as they are so comfortable. I am replacing them with a pair of Bogs in the hope that they last a little bit longer. I am road testing some alpaca felt innersoles in all of my boots. They really do make a huge difference.

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