Tiger’s Tales: Working Out Again!

Dudes and ladies!

Mom and I are working out again!

We began a few months ago with riding the cornfield across the street; mom’s neighbor gave us permission. We built confidence in each other when she let me gallop as fast as I wanted. I was so happy to run I didn’t try any sillies. Mom letting me gallop really gained my respect for her, she trusted me to behave and I now trust her because she cares and she just gets me.

The first time we rode the cornfield mom took me bareback with just my halter. We slowly built on it and gained more mileage. The cornfield was planted once the really nice weather came so we haven’t been able to go back out there. Instead we have been riding at home.

As we are getting back into riding shape mom put me through ALL OF THE THINGS. I had my shots. I had my teeth done (and my sheath cleaned while I was doped). I also had a chiropractic adjustment, and this week my mom had a professional check our saddle fit. We are READY TO GET SERIOUS!

Mom and I had a lesson together, too, it was so much fun. She rides better with someone bossing her around. When we are alone mom can sometimes struggle to know exactly what to do. She also thinks I’m out of shape but believe me I am PRIME. Mom lunged me over poles and I still didn’t break a sweat after 20 minutes. She kept checking to see if I needed a break. Nope. Let’s get moving and grooving!!!!

Mom is limiting my jumping to one day per week but we do poles and other fun things the rest of the week. Poles. Transitions. My favorite is still jumping. Mom built standards. She built a skinny 4ft coop that I love to jump; Mom thought I’d have trouble since it’s so skinny, we passed it the first time because she wasn’t sure and looked at it. The next pass she was a lot better…she realized I would have gone over the jump if she didn’t botch it the first time so we both committed and it’s never been a problem since. Mom needs more confidence.

She built a few cavaletti, and yesterday we jumped the big portable coop mom built. She hooks it up to the ATV to move it where she wants it. IT was a BLAST!

We even went on a trail ride this week! One of mom’s favorite people (so she tells me) picked us up and we went riding. There were people. There were dogs. There were lots of ponds and lots of rocks. I don’t have shoes on yet so the rocks were tricky. Mom gave me the reins and made me figure out my feet…I’m a boy and I have FOUR feet. She really expects me to know where to put EACH ONE?!

Even with the rocks we had a great time. We traversed a bridge, we crossed a stream. We walked down a dirt road. We bushwhacked. Mom thought my feet might hurt later so she gave me some bute. Yuck. Needless to say I didn’t hurt the next day, I was JUST FINE, but it’s OK, I’ll let her dote on me.

She tried to put Blade’s EasyBoots on me earlier in the year but they fell off a lot. If it weren’t for that I would have worn them. Maybe she can get me some Cavallos?

I love my mom. I also love working out. I love moving and seeing new things. I love being healthy, sleek, and shiny. I have a pretty darn good life.


    1. Hey Tuli’s mom! I am generally a pretty good boy. As much as I love to gallop I only get REALLY excited in groups. We went to a hunter pace last fall and I was racing TWO other thoroughbreds! I wasn’t thrilled that they were ahead of me and mom kept holding me back as if we weren’t supposed to win. Pshhh…..I could have won. I don’t know what all this “hunter pace is WITH the group” thing is all about. In general, though, I usually come back when mom asks me to. I suppose listening to her is USUALLY the best option.

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