It’s Been A Week

The past week has been very eventful . In both good and bad.

First, my heart has been heavy with the passing of my grandmother. Grandma has battled dementia/Alzheimer’s for just under two years. On Tuesday morning June 2nd, grandma joined my grandfather in heaven. She was truly an angel that we borrowed from heaven for a blessed 86 years. She was ageless to me; I planned on having her to 112 and beyond. Her decline and passing has weighed on me over the time. I keep busy to cope and feel closer to her by doing so since she did the same.

Grandma loved animals. She wasn’t an equestrian but she adored horses. She was incredibly proud when I finally adopted Blade. At our house-warming celebration he gave her a big hug. The photo doesn’t show the ear-to-ear smile on her face. I also had the pleasure of bringing her to meet Zippy Chippy and the other retired racehorses at Old Friends at Cabin Creek (Taking Grandma to See the Horses).

Grief is an odd thing. I have been sad, angry, confused, quiet, loud, and everything in between. Grandma knew grief and she’s lived through many hard times. She persevered. One of the ways that has been helping me through this time is to stay busy.

Tiger and I have been very active. Last week Tiger told you of our trail ride on Sunday Tiger’s Tales: Working Out Again! Later in the week on Thursday we had another ride with new friends. When we arrived we first had to cross the road and traverse a tall narrow bridge. I was impressed that Tiger didn’t hesitate once. As we continued Tiger showed a growing displeasure for the bugs and for following the other horses. He pranced and piaffed and worked himself into a sweaty mess. When we left the woods for a less buggy trail and allowed him to lead he instantly calmed down and enjoyed the ride.

We also did a last minute jumping clinic together this past Sunday. I needed to stay occupied, a friend was going, and a last minute spot opened up. I decided to go. Unfortunately my riding was not at it’s best but Tiger did amazingly well and it was our first clinic together.

The following day, Monday, my trainer came to visit. I had a lovely lesson on Nahe before we loaded Sadie to return home. After she left I checked my mail to find the sales papers for Nahe. I am very happy to announce that as of Monday Nahe is now OFFICIALLY a permanent member of The Green Horseman’s family.

Finally, Sadie returned home. I have had Sadie in my care since the beginning of April. We have grown a lot together. She has made me a better and more patient horseman. I thought thoroughbreds were sensitive and then I met Sadie. She is an incredible, smart, and athletic morgan mare. Though she has return home she will still remain part of The Green Horseman’s extended family…jut like Happy, Zeno Bay, and Vai Via.

I had the pleasure of seeing her the next day. She not only had a wonderful ride with my trainer but she also has a wonderful new friend, Cherry, another morgan mare. She has already settled in and loves having friends and new things to see.

While visiting Sadie I also had the pleasure of riding Aria, another one of my trainer’s morgan mares. It had been a while since I’ve ridden Aria and she’s the smallest horse I’ve been on in a while. She is extremely sweet and loves to work.

It has been quite a week. My friends and family have been supporting me in the very best way that they can. Keeping me busy.

Not everyone understands my method of coping with the loss of my grandma but I feel closer to her than ever when I am with my animals. Grandma loved animals. Grandma also never felt sorry for herself, she pushed through. I know that grandma is with me and I find myself wanting to live more to keep her spirit alive. Now she can ride with me in my heart and mind.

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  1. I’m sending you a virtual hug as comfort on the passing of your Grandmother. I Think that if she loved animals and horses she is smiling in heaven watching you busy with the horses, jumping and crossing scary bridges,going in clinics etc etc.

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  2. big hugs to you, its a strange feeling isn’t it they do have a sense of living forever, Its so wonderful you have such treasured memories, I pray in time they bring you more & more joy with less & less grief. You spend as much time riding & hugging & loving on those horses as you need, plus your great with them. Beautiful photos too. I hope your week ahead is wonderful.

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