The Sunday Review: Noggin. helmet spray


Welcome to another Sunday Review!

It seems that I’m constantly telling you how disgusting I get around horses.  Let’s be honest, though.  Horses are dirty. Riding horses doesn’t keep you much cleaner.  I may not get hay chaffe all over me while I ride but I do work hard.  I know I don’t have to tell you the horse doesn’t do all the work.  To ride properly and maintain good contact and staying light on the horse’s back it requires a good amount of strength and conditioning.  During good rides I sweat.  

Last time I described a new detergent that I have begun using (The Sunday Review: WIN Detergent).  It removed the odor from my clothes but it can’t help me with my most important piece of equipment. 

My helmet.

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You can’t just throw a helmet in the wash…and if you’re like me you can’t just buy a new helmet whenever the old one gets a little stinky. I ride in a Charles Owen JR8 which I can often find new for $149 during good sales; not the cheapest but most certainly not the most expensive. Sure, I replace it after a fall or after a period of time, but if you ride enough the odors build up. It’s inevitable.

When I ordered my first Cavali Club box I received a $10 gift card to use at The Infused Equestrian. I used this card to purchase my first bottle of Noggin. Helmet Spray. The spray consists of purified water, distilled grain spirits, citronella, lavandin, lemongrass, rosemary, lemon, cedarwood, myrtyle and tea tree grade-A essential oils.

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Though I have had my helmet for over a year the Noggin. helmet spray neutralized odors immediately. When I take it out to ride it sometimes even has a slight smell of the spray left over. But the most important thing it is simply doesn’t stink!

The helmet spray isn’t cheap. It will cost you $16 for the 4oz bottle. I have had mine for over 6 months and the bottle still has plenty of spray left to last me at least a year. I use it after ever ride, 2-3 pumps each time. It might last you longer or you might use it everywhere use the bottle in a few months.


  • It smells lovely
  • It’s effective at neutralizing odors
  • It’s natural with Grade-A essential oils
  • A little goes a long way
  • Noggin. can be used anywhere. In your helmet, gloves, boots, car.
  • Noggin. is antibacterial, anti-fungal
  • Supports healthy hair growth!


  •  The 4oz bottle will cost you $16. It’s not cheap.
  • This is not available outside of North America (Canada is ok)


  •  Shake well before use
  • Use 2-3 pumps of Noggin. inside your helmet after every ride


  • Charles Owen offers helmet spray. The caveat is the bottles are aerosols and every website I view fails to mention what the ingredients are.
  • Troxel makes a helmet spray slightly cheaper, but contains ingredients that are non-toxic yet not as natural as Noggin.
  • Love, Scarlet offers a helmet spray also using essential oils. Different oils are used and the scent differs slightly. The price is comparable. I also received this spray in my Cavali Club box and use it as my backup. Ultimately these two products are so similar it comes down to preference.

Final Word:

Noggin. Helmet Spray is a fantastic addition to my riding essentials. It lives permanently in the front pocket of my helmet bag. After a ride I spray my helmet with 2-3 pumps and my helmet no longer smells “well used.” I feel good about putting natural ingredients in my helmet and appreciate the added bonus of healthy hair support. These days my thinning hair needs all the help it can get!

I plan to purchase Noggin. again once my bottle runs out but so far it has lasted me 6 months and counting. It might take you shorter if you ride more often (or use it for other things) and it might last longer. Either way I highly recommend it!

If you want to get a bottle for yourself simply visit and shop “for the rider.” If you join the email club you may be privy to some fantastic opportunities to get discounts!

Happy riding!

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