The Sunday Review: WIN Detergent


I am incapable of going to the barn without coming back filthy. I’ve always been impressed with my friends and other people who can feed their horses in their work clothes and still look presentable. ME? I get hay chaffe, horse slobber, shavings, and dirt (let’s just call it dirt) all over me. I get sweaty and smelly. I work hard and play harder…and my clothes definitely get sweaty dirty and stinky. I often wear sports apparel with synthetic moisture-wicking, fast-drying materials. They are light and comfortable but I sometime have trouble getting them back to smelling clean. Especially now in summertime when I have to take 1 or 2 showers daily.

I recently learned about a new detergent (new to me) called WIN detergent. The detergent is a Brooklyn, NY based company that began in 2005. The detergent itself is made and shipped our of Ohio. It has developed a reputation in the sports industries of yoga, tennis, MMA, and many others.

Since I get so stinky and dirty I thought I’d reach out and get myself a bottle to try. The company was very friendly and responded quickly.

Let’s talk about the facts.

Smells in clothing is cuased by a gas emitted by bacteria. The bacteria feeds on the oils from your skin. Synthetics, as much as I love them, trap the natural oils. At the molecular level the synthetic moisture-wicking materials are hydrophobic, which mean they repel water….but hydrophobic materials attract oils. Most detergents like Tide are designed for cotton clothing materials which are hydrophilic.

This is why I have had trouble in the past getting the “funk” out of older sportswear.

WIN was designed to address the synthetics. It removes the bacteria and the oils from the synthetic materials and leaves you with fresher clothes.

WIN creates three varieties of detergent. BLUE: Active Fresh is the “original recipe.” It is the main go-to for active people. For those who work really hard they also have RED: Active teen. I plan to try this detergent next because this variety has added stain removers that claim to remove grass, mud, ketchup, and more. For those with sensitivities WIN also made GREEN: Free and Clear. The third variation is dye and fragrance free.

For my trial I received the blue Win; Active Fresh. The bottle is 32oz in size and a little goes a long way. According to the bottle you only need 3oz of detergent to treat a “super stinky load.” The small loads only require 1oz.

The detergent is only mildly scented and when I pulled my clothes from the wash I didn’t notice a scent at all. Nothing overpowering and most importantly, NO FUNK.

WIN detergents are septic safe, biodegradable, phosphate free, and never tested on animals.

I find WIN is fairly priced. The 32oz bottle costs just $11. You may get between 10-32 loads out of each bottle depending on how dirty you get. Pricier than the commercial products but I haven’t had much luck with them on my synthetics. I actually know WIN works so I don’t mind spending a little extra to keep my clothing lasting longer.

The WIN website also has a ton of articles to read about dealing with certain types of stains or laundry; from armpit odor to grass stains, and even suggests what type of clothing is best for different sports.


  • Removes the stink from synthetic activewear
  • Does not require a lot of detergent to work; little goes a long way
  • The company’s website is easy to navigate
  • The company appears to be transparent and easy to work with
  • You can purchase on Amazon


  • Costs a little more per load
  • Not yet available internationally


  • When washing synthetics fabric softeners can actually interfere with the moisture-wicking properties.

Final Word:

I tried the WIN Active Fresh (blue) sports detergent. I have so far only done a few loads but I am impressed with it’s ability to remove the odors.

Some of my clothes are pretty stained and the Active Fresh wasn’t able to remove them but I am hoping to try the Active Teen with added stain remover next; and if you’re wondering, it doesn’t cost any extra.

I have used Tide, Arm and Hammer, Purex, Gain and All. My synthetics always have developed a funky odor. I was so happy to find a product that actually removed the smells, allowing me to keep the clothes longer.

I play and work hard. I also want to have clean smelling clothes without spending too much money or having to buy new ll the time. So far it seems that WIN might be a win for this household.

I have also become an affiliate for WIN. If you want to try it for yourself all you need to do is visit through my link to order within 30 days of visiting and the lovely folks at WIN will know that I sent you.

Find it now by clicking HERE

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  1. I had to laugh reading another wonderful blog of yours. Great that you found an odour disposer wash. I can so relate I have friends who wear their best to do the chores & then i bump into them in town & while we have a yarn they spend their time picking the hay, grass, twigs & sometimes string out of my hair, whilst their boots might be a little grotty all the bling on their clothes still shines. I have had comments of “you look like a hard working woman”. So my motto is wear your grime with pride.

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