Training Progress

I haven’t given you much details on my progress with the lovely miss Sadie.

In fact I haven’t said nearly anything since Tiger introduced her in Tiger’s Tales: I Have a Girlfriend

Sadie is a 16/16.1 hand Morgan mare.  She’s 11 years old (I believe)?

My trainer recently took Sadie for a friend.  Sadie has been ridden but not extensively and not recently.  I have a great relationship with my trainer.  I respect her professionally but love her as a friend.  I like to believe the feeling is mutual.  Before we moved to our home I cleaned her stalls.  When I moved Blade home she entrusted her morgan, Happy, to my care for the summer.

Now, amidst the COVID-19 crisis the farm is shut down to outside traffic and childcare is not available.  With two young children my trainer has enough on her plate.  To help her out I agreed to take Sadie on and begin her training, starting with lots of groundwork.  We hope to have her riding and going nicely under saddle…she is big, stunning and moves nicely…and she’s a morgan.


I began round-penning with Sadie within the first couple days.  My goodness this girl can move!  Her gaits are unrestricted and free flowing.  Her movements are long and fluid.  I haven’t actually ridden her but I imagine she’s a very comfortable horse.


Screenshot_20200406-010305_Video Player20200405_154306

Sadie is very intelligent and willing.  But with her brains she also tends to worry.  She has gone from a life as a pasture puff to my trainer’s home and now here to mine.  There have been a lot of changes but she’s taking it all in stride.


As a testament to her willingness and brain, Sadie conquered the trail bridge within minutes.


She’s also begun working in tack.  I haven’t ridden her but she has been ridden in the past.  My trainer came up to help me refocus and restructure our normal routine to make it more effective. At the moment we are working a few times per week lunging over poles and helping her lunge more calmly.  She still worries and tries super hard so she tends to rush.  By keeping my energy low I am working on helping her relax more.


One rainy day I didn’t want to lunge her (too slippery) so we took a walk in the cornfield instead.  She was happy to get attention but not thrilled about the rain….and neither was I. Nevertheless she was quite good.


Sadie is a challenge for me and she’s making me make improvements in myself.  Working with Sadie I must now channel my own emotions more than I ever have.  Together her and I will grow and improve.



  1. She’s gorgeous, love the expression in her face, the cheeky neigh smile. Will be great to see pictures of you on her & read about your progress. I don’t think there is anything as satisfying as earning the trust of such a beautiful animal & their owner. lol. Have a fantastic weekend.

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