Tiger’s Tales: I Have a Girlfriend


I have a girlfriend.

Her name is Sadie.

She’s so pretty.


Last week a trailer showed up at mom’s house.  Off stepped a gorgeous mare.  It was love at first sight.  She’s tall and she’s got curves.

Sadie was really nervous at first.  Mom and the other human friend brought her to the paddock across from Nahe and I.  The paddock is smaller with a temporary fence set up, I guess so it’s a “dry lot” and in case she doesn’t want to get caught.

While Sadie was getting adjusted to her new amenities I got to meet mom’s friend’s mini human.  She was so little and I loved her too!

I spent all day standing at the gate looking at Sadie.

She’s so pretty.


A little about Sadie.

Sadie is an 11-year-old Morgan standing at 16-hands.  Mom says she’s on a “Jennie Craig” diet to help her lose some weight…Sadie is thick and has a big crest.  I also hear she is insulin resistant so the spring grass could cause problems for Sadie.

Sadie has gone through a lot of change recently.  Mom’s friend took her in for another friend.  She was all alone for a couple weeks so mom’s friend bought her to mom’s house with us.  Mom is going to put a few weeks of training on Sadie to help her learn groundwork and adjust to all the changes.

Sadly, mom tells me not to get too attached because Sadie’s only here for a few weeks.

But I really like her.

She’s really pretty.

And to tell you the truth, she likes me too.  She was flirting with me over the gate.


Mom started working with Sadie the next day.

At first, mom just acquainted Sadie to the sights around the yard.  She hand walked Sadie around and around.  She also started introducing the stick and string to show Sadie that it’s nothing to fear.

For the rest of the week, Sadie worked out a lot.  Mom took her to the round pen and did work up there with her.  The first day was a hot mess.  I didn’t know what was going on so I kept calling out for her and she didn’t pay any attention to mom.

The next day Sadie started listening to mom more.  Understanding the point of the round pen work.

Screenshot_20200406-010305_Video Player

By the fourth day, Sadie was following mom around the round pen looking for rubs and scratches.


Sadie is not the same horse that stepped off the trailer last week and I can tell mom loves her as much as I do.  She spends a lot of time showing Sadie affection and Sadie has become much more relaxed.

Mom hopes her progress continues to amaze.  I heard mom saying something about a plastic bag coming out.  Doesn’t phase me and I imagine it won’t phase Sadie for too much longer.

Isn’t my girlfriend the prettiest?





    1. (From Mom) Morgans are incredible. Easy keepers, athletic, versatile, sensitive and SMART. My trainer is huge into morgans (Used to breed them) so I’ve ridden several by now (and Happy is a morgan,…the first horse that came to the property with Blade).


    2. (Also from mom) I am so proud of you for making the switch! I hope the energy is a desirable change? Would love to chat about what you did and what you’re feeding (I am a nerd)


      1. I am thrilled to see them more energetic.
        Like you suggested I made the change in small increments. I replaced their grain with alfalfa/timothy pellets one cup at a time . I add the minerals you recommended and flax seeds freshly ground every day.
        You are so inspiring . Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Sorry, Mom’s hogging the keyboard….I have been grain-free since November and though I resisted at first I am really happy. Thanks for stopping by to see my cute girlfriend


    1. Thank you! As soon as she stepped off the trailer I was in love. I’m not sure if mom will let me tough her but we’ve been flirting from across the lane. Nahe isn’t much of a fan so she’s all mine.

      Liked by 1 person

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