The Blade Chronicles: Happy 4th and Updates

Our NEIGH-bors must think mom’s a whacko.  As they drive by they probably say “what is she up to today?”

Mom’s been the busy lady lately.

It’s also July 4th so mom thought it would be grand to desensitize me in the most patriotic of ways


First, she builds the jumps and the bridge.  Then she paints the trot poles.  (The Busy Life of the Green Horseman)

Zeno, Little Man, and I all took turns walking across the bridge.  I had to show the guys how it’s done since mom and I had a trail bridge at our old farm.  In their first introduction, mom struggled to get them to put a single hoof up.  They aren’t always walking across it every attempt but they do get all four feet on the bridge now.

Recently mom has been really busy working on building sets of jumps.  On a spur of the moment on day mom purchased some pvc from a random person on Facebook.  I guess it must have been a heck of a deal.  Then she began cutting them and gluing them together.  The result?


Mom says they will be sturdier when she finishes the project and they did stand fine but they were new.  I don’t like new things.


Mom says Amazon sells a similar portable corral but it only covers 48′ and costs $279 plus more than $100 shipping.  She also says sells a portable corral for over $800 and it’s about 42′ long.  When her project is finished she’s going to have spent $130 for 200′ of portable panels.



Good job mom!  Now she can spend more money buying me treats!

Her project isn’t finished yet.  So far she’s only made 10 panels.  Soon she will have another 10 ready to go.  This is what the 10 look like so far; we tested them out last night during our supper.


Mom’s crazy antics don’t stop there.

She also decided to set up a “redneck portable paddock.”  Last year she bought a few fiberglass step-in posts (on Facebook no less) that she intended to use for archery.  She also bought a massive amount of poly tape for only $25.  The poly tape is what allows us to have a spacious paddock at the top of the hill.  Using some leftover tape, the step in posts, baling twine, and leftover tent stakes mom set up this portable paddock so we can graze in the front yard.

Mom and Zac have been busy with personal issues (when mom’s not building) and mowing the lawn hasn’t been a priority.  Since mom loves us she set the paddock up around a luscious spot of grass and clover so we can get some quality fresh greens.


In order to create tension in the fencing without caving in the posts mom used baling twine and tent stakes to secure the posts.  It’s a bit redneck but creative when resources are limited.


All mom needs to do is take the stakes out of the ground and “cleanup’s a breeze.”


There are only a handful of products that compare to mom’s redneck portable horse paddock.  Some of them come with a grounding rod and charger to electrify the fence.  They even come with carrying bags.  Those products cost over $350.  Mom made this with $10 worth of posts and leftover equipment.

We love fresh forage and are happy to mow the lawn any day.

FINALLY,, before I go>>>>>>MOM’S BIG IDEA.

Mom had this idea that she should try getting fancy and get a nice photo of me with the American Flag our front for the “holidays.”

If I haven’t said it enough before…

Mom’s a WHACKO!

Anyways, it turns out the flag isn’t all that scary but here are a few of the shots she got during our “amateur photo shoot.”  Mom, you know you’re not a real photographer, right?  Let the pros do it!

Eh, the flag and I aren’t yet on speaking terms.


So Happy Independence Day to all of you reading from the United States.  I did this for you.

Finally.  Have I told you?

Mom’s a whacko.

She’s a whacko and she’s very busy but she always finds time to show us how much she cares.  She always spends a few minutes to find my itchy spots and give me an inordinate amount of kisses.  She’s really one of the good humans out there and I’m a lucky guy.



  1. Love all the photos, great way to celebrate. awesome ideas so good to see you try them out in the paddock first I have seen so many silly duffas just turn up to events set these things up brand new & then wonder why their poor horses don’t perform as they are too stressed out. (:

    Liked by 1 person

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