Overdue and Overtired

Working days the last two weeks my schedule is slightly out of whack…but for the better.  I am not quite as caught up as I’d like to be here on The Green Horseman but there’s a lot of good going on that I can’t wait to fill you in on in the coming weeks.

Wednesday night as I prepared to sit down to write Thursday’s article we were hit with an impressive thunderstorm.  Though it only lasted 15 minutes it was severe enough to knock our power out for several hours; I woke up in the middle of the night to my fan and air conditioner working again.

As I sit here writing tonight I’m thinking of an exam I need to take following my last two weeks of training at work.  Needless to say my mind is elsewhere and I need to get to bed.  I want to note this week in the books, though, because I am feeling so encouraged and fortunate.

In the past 6 days I have had the pleasure of riding six different horses.  Most weeks I am lucky if I ride at all so riding daily is a welcome change in my life.

I’ll go into it in more detail later but for now here are a few photos from the past week.

Saturday:  A new friend of mine has been having me over to ride her horses together.  I did some pet sitting for her back in January and these horses are so sweet.

Pictured below is Will, a handsome and thick-built Tennessee Walking Horse.  At first Will was a bit nervous and rusty.  He jigged here and there but soon realized he can relax and walk calmly.

Kat is her other horse, a sweet Appaloosa mare.  She had some issues leaving home; we made it down the street but she became homesick and kept turning to go back.  Once we were back to the farm I was able to get on and work her for a few minutes.  I am confident that she will come around and we can both enjoy some more great trail rides.

Sunday:  On Sunday I climbed aboard Blade himself.  We tested out his new Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask and he was in excellent spirits.
We had one of the best rides in our history together.  More to come about it next week in Blade’s Chronicles.

Monday: Although I kept it short and sweet I hopped on Vai Via bareback and spent some quality time with him.  He was very good as always.  This little man always surprises me.


TUESDAY & THURSDAY (Yesterday):  My trainer first had me ride this stunning chestnut Morgan mare during our lesson the previous Tuesday.  She’s a smaller stature than I am used to and VERY athletic.  Our first ride left much to be desired on my end.  My nerves got the best of me since she is such a forward and eager horse.  We jumped but I kept falling apart.

This past Tuesday was my second attempt to ride Aria and it was quite the opposite.  Aria and I clicked during this lesson and we made an excellent team.  I felt strong and I was able to relax on her which in turn brought her down to a steady pace.  We soared over jumps and loved every second of it.

Yesterday I had another lesson on her as well.  She was great and we had a few great jumps; rather than a single jump we tackled courses of seven.  I have some work to do and didn’t do as well as Tuesday but I’m still feeling very encouraged.


Wednesday: I went home Wednesday afternoon and managed to beat the thunderstorm rolling in.  I tacked Zeno Bay up and we went a few times around the yard.  My focus for our ride was a tarp, the trail bridge, and trot poles.  I was also continuing to ask him for collection so he would lift through his back and use his muscles properly.

Once I felt we had tackled the trot poles well I decided to try him at canter poles.  It didn’t go well at first.  After a few failed attempts I could almost see the gears go into place.  I stood into a half-seat and urged him forward.  We cantered two poles beautifully with no hitches in his stride.

After we nailed that set I immediately got off Zeno and cooled him off.  He finished with some treats, a bath, and some linament since he worked hard.


It has been an incredible week and I’ve really enjoyed working day shift; it’s allowed me the time and freedom to work the boys on separate days.  With any luck I’ll secure a great new role as a result of my training that will allow me to continue this day schedule.

I am exhausted so for now I am signing up.  Make sure to catch up with Blade next week as I’m sure he’ll be able to tell you all about some of the fun things going on at the farm!


  1. That’s a lot of horses!! I have to admit to being a little envious that you found time to ride! I’m going to have to do some serious schedule juggling and really commit to working my horses, especially since we’re getting a new one! I rode for the first time in probably a year yesterday, trying out a new horse for my daughter. I’m pretty sure I looked nervous, tight, and the poor horse was like, “what the heck, lady??”


    1. Congratulations on getting a new one! I am sadly going back to nights Sunday so my daily riding trend is coming to an abupt halt. I am still going to try putting forth a lot better effort to use my days off better.


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