The Blade Chronicles: Mom’s Ignoring Me

What gives?

Who does she think she is?

Mom has been cutting loose and tramping around doing other things besides DOTING ON ME.


Look.  I may have a short back and my legs face different directions…the ground may be icy and too solid…but that doesn’t mean she can go ride other horses and do other fun stuffs.

Mom’s been quite busy lately.  She comes out to feed us and if the weather is good she even hangs out with us for a while.  I really enjoy it when she joins the herd with no strings attached.  I also enjoy being the center of attention.  That’s why I did a thing.

At our last farrier appointment I made her chase me.  Not for long but enough so that she had to trek across the field to get me.

Then…I pooped on the farrier.  Well, she caught me and warned him first but I almost made impact.


Last week mom took me for a bareback and bridle-less hack up the hill and around the yard.  After she took Vai Via; he’s still really nervous with her but she seems to be patient with it.  She let’s us know we’re good boys but I am always the number one “big sexy.”

That’s right.

This guy.


Last Sunday mom took off to do something called “cow sorting.”  I don’t really know about cows but she told us about it after.  She’s done it once before at Cowgirl Up Ranch last year (Cross Training On The Weekend).  This time her friends went to Peaceful Paradise Farm to do it.  Obviously since I’m perfect I didn’t have to do it so she borrowed a friend’s horse, Stormy.


I guess the day started out rough; her other friends tried to hook up two different trailers.  The first wouldn’t budge (ice) and the other was too short for the big truck’s hookup.  They all went anyways to meet ANOTHER friend who brought a few horses, including Stormy.  During warm-up all hell broke loose when one of the horses flipped out about the cows…sounds like a smart guy to me.  As a result the two other friends sat out and mom was the one of the only three people that was able to participate in the actual “sorting” thing.


I guess Stormy really enjoyed it.  He was excited at the start and by the end he was even lunging at the cows.  Mom had to make sure he didn’t actually bite them.  They didn’t win the jackpot but mom came home smiling so I guess things went well.

I don’t think I’d like those cows…


Mom did even more stuffs with her human friends last weekend.  As if Equine Affaire wasn’t enough they all went to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the World Horse Expo.  Aaand what do you think she bought me there?

Freakin hoof clay.

Supposedly it’s supposed to be really good hoof clay with copper sulfate that helps me feel good.  It’s called Therazure.  One jar usually costs $30 but she bought it for $20.  I guess mom almost bought it at Equine Affaire but ran out of time.  Now I’m going to be subject to these shenanigans!


Vai Via is a lot smaller than most of us thoroughbreds.  He even wears a size 72″ blanket (compared to me and Zeno with 78″).  I guess that’s why mom has begun calling him “Little Man.”  He has a tiny pea-head so mom bought a halter that fit him better.  The size is called “cob.” I guess it looks good on him but what about MY cool new gear?  I get HOOF CLAY and he gets a halter?!


Mom also did a lot of shopping for herself. Last November at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts (The Green Horseman at the Affaire) mom met the good folks at Pure  Posture (  She was impressed with the product and ended up ordering it within a couple days.  The Pure Posture system was designed by two chiropractors and is a simple wooden board that humans lay on for a “slow adjustment.” She ran into the same people at the Horse Expo last weekend and had her friends try it out.  While the girls were getting adjusted mom was busy chatting.  The board comes with 2″ blocks but mom just bought 2.5″ blocks; she said she noticed a big difference and it helped open up her hip flexors.  I can only imagine what that will mean for her balance when we go riding in the spring.

It takes about 8 minutes to use the Pure Posture board the way it was intended.  When her friends got finished everyone was pleased by the results.  See for yourself, everyone is standing straighter and taller!  

That’s not all mom bought.  She brought home some beef jerky….carnivores…yuck. She also got her boots cleaned and added a few more slow feed hay nets to the collection.  She did get a new brush too so I’ll enjoy that…but that was free.  I think it’s a little unreasonable how cheap she’s being.  I mean where’s all my new gear?  She calls it being “frugal” but I know better.  She says I don’t need anything right now and that we need to save money; come on, lady!  Give me some cookies!

All in all I guess mom deserves to have some fun every now and then.  She really cares about us and makes sure we have plenty of fresh water and hay (even if we do get picky about it).  She feeds us delicious noms and my tummy has never felt better.


Here at home we’re all doing pretty darn well.  It’s still cold but it’s almost time for the fresh grass to come back.  We’ve begun shedding a bit here and there but we just got some more snow so we need to stay warm.

We really like playing in the snow but I think grass is even better.  Mud season here we come!


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