Happy Birthday and Thank You

I’m writing at 2am while a chorus of owls hoots outside driving Bardi crazy.  We went outside to see 2 perched in the dead tree and we could hear a couple more in the distance.  I took Bardi outside and enjoyed the evening sounds for a little while.  With all of the rodents we’ve had I’m very happy to know our owl population is thriving.

Oh, if you haven’t figured it out, we did not win big on Mega Millions (Everyone’s Talking About It).  Guess I’ll need to keep employment for a while longer.

I have no particular update or educational post planned today.  Instead I’d rather just take a moment to celebrate the animals and say some much deserved thank yous.

This week Bardi turned 5 years old.  He only came into our lives recently but he stole our hearts very quickly.  He’s a phenomenal farm dog and keeps the skies clear of birds (and butterflies and dragonflies and airplanes and definitely helicopters).  He is intelligent and learns new tricks faster than ever.  We taught him “snoot” in three tries.  Despite being affectionate and doting he also is quite independent.  At night when Bardi is tired he voluntarily goes to his crate to sleep.

..of course there’s also the AMIGOS!

We have had several wonderful people make some donations recently.  With the inter coming the horses will soon be in need of protection from the elements.  A few weeks ago I began the blanket conversation with I’m Cold Therefore My Horse is Cold.  I want to take a moment to thank Mary Ellen P., Karen A., and Nikki C. for their generosity.

Mary Ellen donated a couple of heavy Rambo blankets that will work on those colder winter days.  Thank you, Mary Ellen!

Karen was able to donate a whole stack of 81″ blankets.  A little large for Vai Via and Zeno Bay but they made a huge difference to the horses at Unbridled Thoroughbred foundation.  Thank you, Karen!


…and this past week Nikki and I met up to go through some of her older blankets.   I was able to go home with a dozen very nice blankets for only $60.  When I got home I ran a horsie fashion show.  While we will be sharing the extra with the other rescue horses the blanket needs of my two boys have been fulfilled.  I’m not looking forward to cold and snow but at least we’re ready!  Thank you, Nikki!

I am so relieved to say that not only do Vai Via and Zeno Bay have winter protection but these donations have also been able to help other horses at Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation.


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