Everyone’s Talking About It

Tonight in the United States there will be an event the whole country is talking about. People flocking to gas stations to buy a little piece of paper and a dream.

Of course I’m talking about Mega Millions.  Tonight the pot is set at a record breaking $1.6 Billion dollars and everyone has their eyes set on it.

The odds of winning are 1 in 302,575,350.  You are sooner to become a saint and you’re better off playing a single number on roulette.

After all the taxes you’ll be lucky to take home $500 million (based on lump sum option)….

But yet we buy these tickets and fantasize what we would do with all that cash.

I’m no different.  I have my fantasies.

Of course if I won $1.6 billion dollars I would be sure to secure a larger property with hired personnel for accounting, security, cleaning, etc.

Zac would likely have a few dream cars parked at our property and a glorious man-cave.

Our parents would have lovely homes of their own on the property.

…and of course I’d make sure to have plenty of land to house my friends and their horses.

Though I dream of taking care of myself, my friends, and my family, my main objective would be to take care of those that the world has “thrown away.”

I’d start with securing a healthy future and dependable income in order to establish a sanctuary for animals.  Horses, or course. Cats, dogs, and possibly others.  The sanctuary would operate as an educational facility for schools and the general public.  We would have a large venue for conferences, parties, demonstrations and tours.

Although I haven’t figured it all out I’d want to employ veterans and/or inmates and/or those recovering from addiction.  To provide a new outlet for stress and emotion and delivering the sense of connection with the animals.

That would be my contribution to society.  Healing the hearts and souls of our world’s creatures.

Are you participating in the Mega Millions Madness?

What would YOU do with it if you won?


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