Bad News and Good News Squared

I’m going to start with the bad news.

My trainer has trusted me with her horse, Happy, all summer.  If you remember way back from Did You Catch Me? Happy had previously torn her suspensory ligament which pulled her out of the lesson program.  This summer she has made a full recovery.  I’ve been riding her walk, trot, canter, and we even added hills.

Although Happy is doing very well, mom misses her.  Since she’s back to riding the decision has been made to bring her back to the farm.  She even has a girl lined up to lease her.  I’m sad to see her go but glad that she will be loved and doted on by many more people.


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I’ve been a bit nervous about what to do next.  Blade might thrive being an only child, but it isn’t natural and I don’t know if he would truly be happy.  I can’t afford to have two horses of my own right now, though, so my options are limited.

Most of you at this point are throwing out ideas…GET A MINI! GET A DONKEY! GET A GOAT! So let me address that now…

The answer is no to all.  The toughest struggle I would have with a second horse is the vet and farrier bills.  A mini and/or mini donkey may be easy keepers but the fees for vet and farrier are the same.   They also are very easy keepers and my horse needs quality hay 24/7…minis run the risk of founder.  The goat may be a nice choice but I simply don’t trust the fencing for one at this point in time.  I loose sleep enough worrying about my horse I would for sure lose sleep thinking about the goat escaping and running in the street.

Besides, horses prefer to have something of their own species in their “herd” whenever possible.

After speaking with one of my amazing neighbors she got me into contact with Susan, the founder of Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation.  If I can foster a horse perhaps it would be a more affordable route and be doing good for animals in need.  I’ve always dreamed of helping rescue animals; I have even mentioned that the next horse after Blade should be one from an auction that I can rehab and show love.

This year I’ve been working hard to develop a wonderful home for horses but it’s far from being considered “high end.”  I don’t have nice wooden fencing, I don’t have a stable or separate stalls, and I surely don’t have a riding arena.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I reached out to Susan anyway; you’ll never know if you don’t go for it, right?

Susan visited on a Friday afternoon and after a wonderful discussion and introduction to our residing equines we left off with smiles and excitement for the future.

I suppose this is time for the good news squared….

Two days later…

Two geldings arrived to Susan’s farm from Maryland (along with a few others that are staying there).  They were saved from Moore’s killpen in February by a number of wonderful loving souls.


Meet Zeno Bay and Vai Via.  Both are 20 years young and will soon be joining Blade on the farm.  I couldn’t be more excited to foster these boys.  They already come with a following but I will be getting the pleasure to update you as I get to know them.  I haven’t taken these photos; I am borrowing them to show you what a sweet pair they are and I will be taking many more very soon.

I had a chance to meet them last week.  They are very quiet and good-natured.  They seem to be at the lower end of the herd hierarchy.  Blade is too so hopefully they will all gather some comfort and companionship from each-other.

This is especially wonderful for all the horses involved.  Horses are herd animals by nature and this is going to provide the social structure they need.  In addition, by having the three horses I will be able to take one out to play while the other two still have each other for company.  The goal is to prevent the bad habit of getting buddy sour.

Welcome to the family Zeno Bay and Vai Via!  I love you already.


To learn more about Unbridled please visit

Please support the group; On the site you can join #1000StrongForThoroughbreds and pledge $10/month to support the thoroughbreds who have been thrown away for meat.  You may also shop on the site or purchase a wristband.

Another extremely easy way to help…ESPECIALLY with the holidays around the corner…

If you use Amazon you can visit to select Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation (located in Kinderhook, NY).  Remember to always visit in order to help, it costs you no extra money.

There are many ways to help and many horses that need your help, even the smallest amount makes a difference.


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  1. I am so glad you found a resolution & what a fantastic choice, Zeno Bay & Vai via look so full of personality, sweetest eyes. Do you get to ride them at all or just the pleasure of their company. I will be looking up unbridled thoroughbred. Look forward to reading your updates. Happy trails.

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