Did You Catch Me?

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to word my posts carefully, but every now and then I let the word “horses” slip out.


A few people have caught me…particularly family members as I tell them of our progress on the paddocks.

I have been waiting to announce this for a while now to make sure that the right people knew first.


Blade will be coming home with a-friend.

That’s right.


Meet Happy, a beautiful 24-year-young Morgan mare.

Happy belonged to my trainer’s lesson program until last spring when she took a wrong step over ground poles and sustained injury to her suspensory ligament.  After a very long recovery period I began helping with her rehabilitation riding.  She’s now cantering straights but will never jump again.  Since the incident another lovable equine has assumed her role so she will be coming home to stay with Blade.

I’ve really come to love this lady.  She doesn’t know her own age and is eager to go.  I find myself constantly holding her back.  Despite her forward nature she as very well mannered, responsive, and sweet.  She has a marish nature on the outside but when push comes to shove she’s a lover.  Last week we introduced Blade and Happy to the same turnout paddock and within an hour they were sharing a hay pile.  I had no doubt they would get along and cohabitate well together, but it fills me with joy that it worked as well as (or better) than we planned.


I have been riding her bareback and she may be one of the most comfortable rides.  I have never cantered bareback, but on Happy it’s not too difficult.  Her canter is smooth and flowy.

I’m humbled and honored to have my trainer’s trust to care for this wonderful mare.  She’s smart, fun, and sweet.

Welcome to the family, Happy!



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