Overdue Update Part 5

Doing so much work around home is exhausting.  I barely have time to enjoy, but I certainly find it.

A few weeks ago I participated in a mounted archery clinic (New Experiences) and had a blast.  I am also planning to be participating in another clinic this weekend, and I’m very excited.


If you remember from last time, my arm was a little beat up from the bow after my first experience.


Clearly I need to work on my form as I’m not bending my elbow enough on the draw.

Since I own a bow, 24 arrows, a quiver, and a target, I can practice on my own.

I finally found 20 minutes to shoot a few arrows in my backyard one evening.  My target is smaller than the 3 hay bales we shot at originally.  After a few rounds I still had a clean arm and I was making most of my shots.

I’m very encouraged by this.  Unfortunately the next time I tried didn’t work out as well.  I began to hit my bow hand with the fletching of the arrows.

Clearly I have more work to do, but I am certainly working toward it.

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