Just For Fun

Instead of a diary type entry or educational post, let’s have a little fun today. The temperatures have been brutally cold and it doesn’t hurt to have some silly banter.


  • Dream Horse
  • Vet Bills Paid for Life
  • Free Feed and Hay for Life
  • Free Lessons For Life
  • Free hoofcare for life…shoes, trims etc.
  • Free full board for life
  • High end saddle that magically fits you and any horse perfectly
  • Travel Anywhere in the world with your horse
  • Own your dream farm

I want to know. What would you choose?

I personally go back and forth between free feed and hay and free lessons for life.

Since I am so particular about my horses’ diets, I believe that many ailments and true health can be the result of optimal nutrition.

On the other hand…if I had my way I’d have lessons 3 days per week minimum and my equitation would be light years ahead of where I seem to stagnate now.

In the end, I choose my horses’ health. Free feed and hay for life. A majority of my bills are my feed bills currently. If I didn’t have to worry about this I’d be able to keep 1 or 2 pasture-bound retirees in addition to my riding horses. Free quality hay? Free supplements? Yes, please!

Let’s have fun. What would you choose?

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