Interview With a Farrier

The third week in January is known as International Hoofcare Week. With its conclusion yesterday I wanted to take a moment to revisit an interview I did with a friend of mine 3 years ago. I had the pleasure of joining her on a “day in the life.” I’ve known Ashley for over 20 years, she was among my first friends where I lived. Whether you’re new to the blog and reading for the first time or re-reading it I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful day and stay warm!!! (It is -10 here).

The Green Horseman

Right now hundreds of farriers and horse-care professionals are gathered in Cincinnati, Ohio attending the International Hoof-care Summit.  If you follow The Green Horseman’s Facebook page  you’ll notice I’ve been celebrating hoof-care week with a daily video.

What better way to celebrate this week than with a long overdue interview with a farrier!ashley

Ashley Gasky is an Accredited Professional Farrier (APF) and the owner of Precision Hoofcare.  I have known her since forth grade, and we BOTH had “horse mania” back then.  Living down the street from each-other we often hung out and played games.  One of our biggest joys was visiting the horses that lived nearby (well, in front of her home).  Matisse, a paint mare.  Cherokee, a fiery chestnut thoroughbred mare. Abu, an old chestnut Arabian gelding who lived with Cherokee is a separate paddock from Matisse.  The ornery paint mare had kicked him and broke…

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