Reflections and Looking Forward Part 2

Although I often scoff at the idea of “New Year’s Resolutions” I also partially participate in the trend.

I don’t live by the “New Year New Me” mentality. It’s still me! That said a new year is a great checkpoint to look at where I am now and make a plan for where I want to be in the future.

The truth is I don’t have a deadset focus because I ENJOY sampling what is offered. Instead of keeping my eye on the end goal I stop and take delight in the odd path that I might have otherwise overlooked. Sometimes I get back on the original path but other times I find a new path completely and abandon the original goal. I don’t mind that I won’t be an Olympic Level rider.

Last week I talked about the highlights from 2021. When I started the year I had only just begun Wahbee’s Woodworking (and it didn’t even have that name). I never dreamed of having the year I did! Now I’m looking into my personal goals for 2022.

In 2022 I want to get myself back into shape and back into regular riding.
Wintering the horses at the farm means we are off to a fabulous start.

GOAL: Ride 3 Days/Week

Currently, since I have an arena to ride in I am nailing this goal. I ride 3-4 days per week and I’m loving it. At home, I don’t ride nearly as often. It’s too easy to find excuses. The mornings are my best time to ride but the land is too wet and with grass/clay it’s not safe. At the farm I always have somewhere safe to ride, I also have friends to ride WITH. The best part is I have my trainer here, too, so she is available to help deliver structure training to get us better and better.

  • Take Wahbee’s Woodworking to the next level
    • I still have some announcements to make on that end but I will slip some now….Wahbee’s Woodworking is leaving the hobby domain and becoming a more official business. Last week I registered a Doing Business As “DBA.” I am working to get my business banking account all set up and I will begin 2022 as a business owner.
  • GOAL: Go camping
    • I’d like to take my horses camping twice this year (minimum). This includes Otter Creek but also counts for discovering new places and maybe going to GMHA.
  • GOAL: Ride in my very first show
    • I have never shown in my life. Growing up riding hunter/jumpers it was always expected to ride with tall boots, the coat, etc. Even when I’m fit I have very large calves that don’t fit in normal tall boots. Recently I’ve been learning dressage and learned that I am allowed to show in schooling rounds with nice leather half chaps. I have been working hard lately with Nahe and am excited to try out our first show together. His show name will be Aloha Friday.
  • GOAL: Get a handle on my diet
    • I overeat…and I have gotten into eating some pretty bad stuff. This year I have already begun to cut gluten out of my diet. By doing so I’m thinking about my diet more and putting more effort into choosing healthier options. Today I enjoyed grilled chicken breast wrapped in lettuce with onion and tomato. In 2-3 weeks I will regroup to see how things are going and make any changes from there.
  • GOAL: Lose 40 Pounds
    • I’m not going to kid myself. I NEED to lose weight. Currently I’m far heavier than I’ve ever been. It’s affecting all part of my life and most definitely my riding. It’s not fair to my horses. If I return to what I was at my fittest I will need to lose double that amount but I intend to make some real changes and get it started. Losing weight over 30 really does SUCK.

I am so motivated and excited about what is to come.

What are your goals this year?

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