The Sunday Review: Cavali Club Special

I have been an avid fan of Cavalli Club for over two years now. I just received my ninth box and it’s sure to please. I am excited to share with you! Let’s not waste any more time!

For those new to The Green Horseman and/or Cavalli Club…

Cavali Club is far more than “just another subscription box.” Cavalli Club is a high-end subscription carefully curated by horse people for horse people. Rather than monthly boxes, Cavalli Club comes out once per season giving you plenty of time to enjoy your goodies and get excited about the next set!

Cavalli Club has a way of gearing itself toward the season. For example, in fall we got pumpkin treats. In winter you might get a nice winter hat. In spring we got brush cleaning fizzes just in time to do our spring cleaning.

From the moment your box arrives at your front step you will start to understand the magic of Cavalli Club. No box is identical from season to season, they are specially designed by a new artist for the occasion. Each box usually has something for the horse, something for the human, something for riding, something for the home, and something from an artist. Carly also works with a lot of small businesses, which is a decision I love and appreciate. I have discovered a ton of new quality places as a result of Carly’s curations.

Welcome to the WINTER 2021 Cavali Club Special!

As I opened the Cavalli Club box I was presented with Mare Modern Good Holiday gift bags. These bags are so cute and perfect with Christmas around the corner! Not only are the designs lovely and elegant but the bags are made with 100% recycled paper. Win/win! I already have them both packed with goodies for a couple wonderful friends of mine!

Holiday Gift Bags by Mare Modern Goods Retail: $9.99

My hands next reached for a set of pony paperclips. This set of 25 unique paperclips features a cowboy boot, blue ribbon, horseshoe, purple unicorn, and a gold pony. These will pair very well with the equestrian journal we got a couple boxes ago.

Pony Paper Studio Equestrian Paperclips by Gable Home Retail: $15.99

This season’s box design is credited to artist Bettina Norton. Bettina started painting at only 8 years old. Inside the box is a ceramic porcelain catch-all or jewelry tray with Norton’s “Stand with Me” print. The tray has a gold-painted rim and is a very elegant piece.

Equestrian Catch All by Bettina Norton Retail: $55

As many of you likely know I am a huge fan of Back on Track products. We have received some of their products in the past and I’m always open to more. I’ve used up the last linaments I received. The linament is gentle enough for use under wraps and blankets.

Back on Track Limber Up Shampoo & Gel: $14.90

One of the bigger items included in this month’s line-up is a classy-looking tea kettle. The kettle is a rosy gold color. The handle is insulated and folds down for easy storage. Inside is a removable tea infuser. I’m really excited to use this during the cold months of winter!

Equestrian Tea Kettle by Gable Home Retail: $65

Cavali Club boxes aren’t complete without something for the horse! This season we received EquiFit HoofIce boots. The pair of boots will come in handy if I ever need to ice my horses’we feet. The bags are reusable and eliminate the need to use buckets. They also seem very easy to use. The pair comes with two boots for the hooves and two straps to secure the boot onto the legs. This is a great item to have on hand in my first aid kit!

Hoof Ice boots by EquiFit Retail: $25

Another artist was brought in this season…Elise Butera, owner of Cultured Me. With the United States using over 100 billion plastic bags every year. Luckily Envirosax makes a reusable designer bag to fill their place. The bags are 100% recycled polyester and can carry up to 44lbs. They have a snap tag at the top which allows you to roll it up and secure it into a small 2″ accessory.

Last year New York’s governor banned plastic shopping bags in grocery stores. Now we either bring our own reusable bags or pay 5 cents for every paper bag. I just know this bag will get a lot of use since it has a nice design and is easy to fold and put away.

My Peace Tote by Elise Butera Retail: $45

See also: Envirosax bags

That concludes the last Cavalli Club subscription box for 2021! As always, it was packed with lots of goodies and covered a broad range of equestrian life.

Let’s take a recap:

  • Holiday Gift Bags by Mare Modern Goods: $9.99
  • Pony Paper Studio Equestrian Paperclips: $ 15.99
  • Equestrian Catch All by Bettina Norton: $55
  • Back On Track Limber Up: $14.90
  • Equestrian Tea Kettle by Gable Home: $65
  • EquiFit Hoof Ice Boots: $25
  • My Peace Envirosax Tote by Elise Butera: $45

TOTAL: $230.88

For each box being only $59 that’s one heck of a deal!

Are you ready to sign up? I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

So sign up for your box at

Enjoy and see you next time!

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