A Home For the Winter

Earlier this month things took a drastic change. On a Tuesday morning in early December, I loaded the boys onto my trailer for our Tuesday fun ride with my friend. I drove home that day without my boys.

Thanks to an amazing friend who has fallen in love with Tiger, I have been given an opportunity to ride all winter by boarding the boys at my old farm. You might remember the farm Blade used to live on before we bought the house?

The farm is a home away from home; peaceful without drama. One of my best friends runs the farm and will be free leasing Tiger while I board Nahe at the same farm so they both can stay together.

Photo courtesy of Kailley

I’m so excited about this opportunity and I have already ridden more than I have all year. My trainer teaches here, most of my friends ride here, it really is the best place for me to be where I can focus on my riding on my own horses.

The boys are very happy in the new place; they love having a stall to themselves at night and the shavings in their tails are proof. I love knowing they are happy and comfortable to get some great sleep.

Photo courtesy of Suzanne

At home, I dragged the paddocks and they will sit for the winter. While I’m happy not to have all that work during the winter (no running water or electricity out there means extra work when the temps drop) I’m also a bit sad when I look out and can’t see the gentlemen. It’s short-lived though since I know how well cared for they are and I still see them almost daily.

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