My New Addition at Home

It’s the week of Christmas and my gift to you is you get to hear from me just a bit more (blessing or a curse, your choice)! We’ll resume Saturday posts next week.

As fall sped past quickly I had a lot to do. One of these was adding something very fun to the yard.

I have a friend who had the access to get telephone poles. I originally asked for only 2 5ft pieces so I might try to construct a suspension bridge (I never got around to that). What arrived at my house were 6 20ft poles! They were so heavy we could not move them. A wonderful friend helped us cut them into 10ft sections over the summer. By fall I was finally ready to do something with them…more like I finally had the time to.

Rather than building a bridge, I turned my 12 new logs into a small cross-country schooling course throughout the property! I made sloped jumps, singles, doubles. Some jumps enter into the woods, some exit the woods into a clearing. Given my affinity for trees, I made sure to put some logs between narrow tree openings, too. I still have lots to do before I’m satisfied but I’m off to a great start.

Leave it to the builder of horse jumps to make her cross country course with free items. Telephone poles and old tires. Hey, it was free and easy!

I recently got more tires so I will be adding a little more height to these (but not too much). I schooled over this small course once before the weather made it too sketchy. It will be a great way to practice distances!

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  1. Fantastic you could get hold of great timber like that. About time you treated yourself to your own wonderful ideas. Kinda like the mechanics car never runs well or the builders house is never finished. Horse owners kit is never complete? Love the way you have them laid out. FUN

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