On the Business End

Taking a break from building jumps I hit the ground running with my horseback adventures. But I didn’t totally stop.

In early October my friend Carmen invited me to set up a display at her farm’s open house. Carmen is the proud owner of IF Sporthorses. IF Sporthorses specializes in breeding select lines to create sane athletic Sporthorses. Her horses are handpicked to pass on a quiet friendly disposition while also having the athleticism to achieve high levels of performance. Some of the breeds she’s worked with are Thoroughbred, Oldenburg, Quarter horse, and Hanoverian.

The open house was my first time getting the chance to see the farm for myself. It is peaceful and serene. The babies are so well adjusted and already halter broke at only a couple months old. We got to snuggle them but also got to see just how sensible they are. She has a couple horses available for sale if you are in the market for a spectacular new partner and project! Be sure to check out IF Sporthorses.

At the open house, I set up a couple jumps and spoke with the guests as they came to visit. There were raffles, my saddle fitter set up a station, the FFA offered hand-churned ice cream and snacks. There was even a huge tack sale in the upper barn.

As Wahbee’s Woodworking cooled down a bit I brought my camera back out for some more practice. I’m still no professional by any means but I have been learning and growing. In October I had the pleasure of doing some shoots for several of my friends.

Of course, seeing the beautiful colors made me inspired to go home and take a few shots of the boys…and I’m glad I did!

Do I have a lot going on? I sure do! It’s been a whirlwind of a year and a struggle to balance self-care, a full-time job, horses, woodworking, blogging, and photography. Though I’ve been busy, I’m feeling fulfilled and so excited with my progress.

More great adventures are yet to come so I look forward to seeing you again next week!

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  1. You go Gal. So wonderful you have such supportive people encouraging & opening doors for you. What a stunning stud farm how awesome to be around such beautifully natured horses. Your photo taking is magnificent. At some of the shows I have been to there are photographers & after an event you can go see if they have a photo of you & if you like purchase it whilst your there all transactions are done over the internet & the photos are posted to home addresses. You know in case you needed more ideas for your already busy schedule ( ;

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    1. Thank you thank you thank you!! And your support has been so meaningful to me too!
      The show I sponsored this year also offered the photography services you suggested, the photographers were very friendly and kind and I tried not to step on their toes too much, but I did upset one of them accidentally. Lessons learned!

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