The Sunday Review: Cavali Club Special

It has been a LONG time since I’ve posted, and I know…I missed the Summer Edition of Cavali Club.

I will be making that up with a rewind post but for now the new FALL 2021 Cavali Club box is HERE!

This is my 8th Cavali Club box and still going strong. Carly designed this box as a horse person for a horse person. She includes classy home goods, useful horse items, and always something for the rider. What makes the box one of a kind is the focus on small business and highlighting artists. Cavali Club is not just a subscription box, it’s an experience. From the moment that box arrives on your doorstep with its artist designed box to out in the barn when your using what you got.

Cavali Club is a seasonal subscription which, to me, is brilliant. Monthly subscriptions get monotonous and tiresome and typically result in smaller items that build up and sit around. Clutter. Cavali Club’s seasonal box delivers every 3 months which is just enough time to enjoy your current box and get excited for the next. In fact I’m still enjoying items from my very first box!

Welcome to the FALL 2021 Cavali Club Special!

As I opened the Cavali Club Fall 2021 box the first item to cross my eye was a lovely set of cards with the same design as the box. The Foxy stationary set was designed by Mare Modern goods and depicts foxes, hounds, and horses. The perfect theme for fall as we enter fox hunting season!

Foxy Stationary Set by Mare Modern Goods Retail: $15

My hands next came across a bag of horse treats. As I took them out I found Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats. Yet another perfect item as we enter autumn. These treats are low in starch and sugar so they are acceptable for horses with Cushing’s. The treats are made in small batches with all natural locally sourced ingredients. Pumpkin is the first ingredient (great for digestion) but some of the other ingredients include beet pulp, turmeric, anise, kelp, and flaxseed. I’m so excited to give these to the boys!

Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats Retail: $9.99

In the last box we received a coupon code for a discount on Happy Pops, these are popsicles for your dog or horse. Sadly as I was about to check out the code didn’t work and I never got around to going back and making that order.

I was so excited that we got an actual pop in this box. Now I can at least offer the pop to the boys to make sure they’ll love them before I buy them in the future. The pop I received is peppermint in flavor so I think the horses will love it. All you do is add water,shake, and freeze!

Happy Pops Horse Popsicle Retail: $2

As with every Cavali Club box we receive a home goods type item. This season we received a lovely set of wooden salad servers. These are elegant with just a touch of equestrian…stainless steel bits at the very end. The servers themselves are made of acacia wood…much like my charcuterie board from a few boxes before.

Carly, you are really adding classy elegance to my home without overwhelming it with “horse everything.” I appreciate you.

The Gable Equestrian Salad Servers: $35

Grooming is also a focus in the Cavali Club boxes. This season we received a bag of grooming cloth wipes. To be honest I’ve never heard of such a thing. Betty’s Best, maker of StripHair (a popular deshedding tool) makes these wipes. The cloths are made of bamboo and infused with aloe, green tea extract, and a number of essential oils like cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, and calendula.

Betty’s Best Skin and Coat Grooming Cloth Retail: $11.99

Cavali Club boxes aren’t complete without a type of item that can be used for riding, either. This season we received a pair of Anatomeq Air Support polo wraps. Unlike the thick material of normal polos these are designed for ultimate breathability and pressure distribution. They really are sharp! Some subscribers received white polos, and others like myself received black. The polos also come with their own wash bag for easy laundering.

Anatomeq Air Support Polo Wraps Retail: $55

We also received a book called Horse Crazy by Sarah Maslin Nir. I was really excited about this spoiler when I saw it. For a while now I’ve had this book in my cart and just hadn’t actually bought it since I have so many that I haven’t read yet.

Funny story…I was encouraged by some to write a book someday. The name I gave said book was Horse Crazy and was to be a collection of stories from a horse crazy kid. Fortunately I did a search for just that and to my surprise this book already exists *Facepalm*. I’ve already read a couple chapters and I’m looking forward to sharing with you in a future Sunday Review.

Horse Crazy by Sarah Maslin Nir Retail: $15

Fall 2021 Cavali Club is officially launched and a big success yet again. I’ve already renewed my membership for the coming year!

Let’s take a recap:

  • Foxy Stationary by Mare Modern Goods: $15
  • Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats: $ 9.99
  • Happy Pops: $2
  • The Gable Equestrian Salad Servers: $35
  • Betty’s Best Grooming Cloth: $11.99
  • Anatomeq Air Support Polo Wraps: $55
  • Horse Crazy by Sarah Maslin Nir: $15

TOTAL: $143.98

FINALLY ready to sign up? You won’t be disappointed.

So sign up for your box at

Enjoy and see you next time!


  1. Howdy friend, been thinking of you glad your all cool. Awesome box of goodies, My favourite item in that box would have to be the popsicles for the ponies just too fun. It’s so encouraging that a company supports such a broad variety of products & artists.


    1. I’m so glad to hear fro you! I’m working on coming back and I have lots of updates to come! And I agree, Carly really does an amazing job with this subscription box. She’s working on taking it further and making it customizable as well as giving western and english options


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