Tiger’s Tales: A Camping We Will Go

Last month mom loaded Nahe and I onto the trailer in a thunderstorm and we took a long ride to Otter Creek.

The day started out pretty terrible. Mom wanted me to get in the trailer but it was RAINING and there was THUNDER! Nahe got right on so it was ok. We stayed dry and were happy to nibble on the flakes of alfalfa mom gave for road snacks.

The human “lounging area”

We drove out of the rain and arrived in Otter Creek a few hours later. Mom let Nahe and I share a paddock and we got to see our friends over the electric wire.

night check cuddles

When mom and her friend got settled she took Nahe out and began to saddle him up. I can’t believe she had the nerve to leave me behind! They were gone for about an hour and a half; they rode 5 miles. Nahe told me they practiced trotting though giant puddles for “cross country practice”. I wish there were pictures to show mom’s childish grin as the trotted and cantered through all the puddles.

The next morning mom took me out this time! Mom used the western saddle with the cushy saddlepad and let me go bitless. She dropped the reins and I got to choose our own path. I made sure to stop and look at all the options before deciding, and we even came across a giant map. I sensed some rain coming in so I turned us on a path that led us to the assembly area. Mom and her friend took our saddles off and tied us in the covered standing stalls. Only moments later the rain began! We got to eat carrots and the humans had sandwiches at covered table nearby. It poured rain for an hour before it began to slow down enough for us to ride back to camp. That day we rode for 10 miles.

The next day I got to go back out. We rode for a while and came to a picnic area. There were ponds on either side of us so mom brought me down for a drink of water and to see the view. We took a nap while the humans had their sandwiches….they really like those things.

We started to return home and found a trail with AMAZING sandy footing. We couldn’t resist. All of us cantered and cantered and cantered. Mom and I were smiling wide. A bit behind us mom’s friend and the baby horse were also smiling wide. It was SO MUCH FUN! That ride was about 15 miles long.

Right after our 15 mile ride and I feel great!

When we got back to camp mom gave us big buckets of alfalfa hay and some cookies. We all relaxed for a while then mom did something CRAZY. She had the audicity to get Nahe and go riding AGAIN! I was pretty annoyed because I thought she only rode once a day. She got Nahe tacked up but then came to get me too! All four of us horses went along for the evening ride. We walked the trails to get used to the “ponying” but did find some areas we could trot a while. I think I’ve done this before but it’s been a long time. Either way it was a lot of fun because I love friends. We got in just over 4 miles making my day almost 20 miles.

Mom rode Nahe the next morning. They went out for another hour and a half (and another 5 miles). Mom and her friend were really looking forward to another ride of cantering (why she didn’t take me again is beyond me). They cantered for a while until mom decided she wanted to get video. Nahe was telling me afterword he decided to play a joke on her since she wasn’t fully paying attention. He saw a log in the bushes and jumped all the way across the trail and into the bushes on the other side. Mom didn’t come off but the joke was caught on camera!

All you see is mom’s bum but she stayed on! Good joke, Nahe!

When they got back the humans packed up their gear into the trailers. We got ready too and boarded for what I thought would be home.


About 90 minutes later mom pulled us off the trailer and we were at a NEW campground. This one didn’t have paddocks, standing stalls only. Mom wasn’t sure how we’d behave but with the hay and water there we were happy to stand and rest. A few hours of downtime later we rode at this new campground. Mom rode Nahe again but ponied me along. There were a LOT of hills, and where there was mud, the mud was DEEP! I’m surprised my boots stayed on.

We settled in for the night while mom and friend tried to burn wood in a metal ring. The four of us horses enjoyed the cool night and stood happily eating all night long.

The next day were were feeling the week of hard work and the night standing still. Nahe and I are used to sleeping overnight. Mom got on me and tried to pony Nahe but my feet hurt; the boots had rubbed my fetlocks and left sores even though mom tried to use the gaiters to protect me. Needless to say I was moody. I didn’t want to carry her up all those hills AND pull Nahe along. I don’t want to learn something new when I am tired and sore…so mom got back on Nahe and we kept moving. It was nice to get back out and walking around but boy were we all tired. All four of us horses and the humans. We missed the trail we wanted and the other route took us up and down, all round. We finally made it to the pond where we got a drink and had a nice nap. Nahe ended up losing a boot; the stayed on really well but the mud was just too deep and sucky. They made it to the pond or just before it when he lost the boot.

We got back to camp and once again the humans began to pack up camp. I was a bit relieved we weren’t staying two nights. I was ready to lay down, roll, and get some rest. We hopped in the trailer and rode home.

The humans

As soon as we got home Nahe and I ran to our favorite rolling spots and dug in. Mom gave us some hay and put us back out on our pasture. Home sweet home!

Our camping trip was exhausting but it was a lot of fun. Mom didn’t make me do any jumping or riding in a circle. We just explored and worked…..my favorite. She mentioned something about endurance riding, I think we might be planning a few more longer trail rides in the future!

We enjoyed our evening powwows while the humans drank their beer

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