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Life’s been absolutely busy lately, in many good ways. Unfortunately the blog has taken a backseat to the other activities of life but I’m still here.

I recently had a change in shift from nights (6PM-6AM) to days (6AM – 6PM). My shifts are more like 5:45-6:45 though and I have an hour commute each way. Still, the shift to days has been very welcome and my body is a lot more happy being on a more normal sleep cycle.

With the change to day shift I also took a big step for me and started practicing self care. My friend referred my to a wonderful chiropractor (also an hour commute) that has begun to help me live with less pain. As it turns out I have a lot of issues with my spine; rotated hips, spine leaning to one side, premature degeneration in some of the vertebrae, and an inverted curve in my neck.

What sets this office apart is the through testing they do from the start. They told me the area of my spine is often associated with metabolism, anxiety, and stress. As it happens I struggle with all three. At the moment I am visiting the office for treatments twice per week. From the very first treatment I felt taller. The change is very slow and gradual but I am living with less pain, less anxiety, and I feel great.

The weather has been warmer and the ground is now thawed fully. I’ve been working the horses and trying to get them fit. It’s a tough thing to do with my busy schedule but I’m certainly working toward making it a priority….and forgiving myself if I can’t make the time.

I have begun to trailer the horses. It’s a big learning curve…especially having a teeny tiny driveway to back up into. So far I’ve trailered one or both of the horses a few times to my trainers and this week took a lesson with Tiger there. Next week we are going on a much larger trip to Otter Creek for some camping. I’m super excited, but also very nervous.

The side-hustle has been doing well despite the absurdity of lumber prices. On Facebook you can find me at Wahbee’s Woodworking. It has certainly been helpful as I transition to dayshift losing my nightshift differential. I am proud to say that my jumps/obstacles are scattered across at least 15 local horse farms.

I was approached to sponsor a new local horse show series as well. As a sponsor I am building a finished jump set (just one) to be used in the show (free use for the show coordinator) and the jump is available for sale during the show. There are four shows through the summer and the second is coming up this Saturday. Our first show was in May and was very successful. The featured jump didn’t sell at the show but was sold by the next morning.

May featured a brick wall set. Brick picket fence style wings, brick adjustable wall, white gate, white pole, and white ground lines.

For the June show I am featuring a red mahogany wagon wheel set. The setup is designed for a line; a vertical to an oxer. The set includes two sets of wagon wheel standards, one set of schooling standards, a gate, five poles, and five sets of steel jump cups. If I had an arena I’d be keeping it for myself in a heartbeat.

As for blogging…I’m trying to keep to the same schedule…but things are changing. My research based articles will be on hold until fall/winter. My review articles are still SCHEDULED for every other Sunday….though I know I’ve missed a few. There will at the very least be one per month. The Facebook page will no longer have a video every Monday or #TakeTheReinsTuesday.

For now Wordless Wednesdays, Article Thursday, and the Sunday Reviews will remain for TheGreenHorseman. I truly appreciate all of your continued support and you’ve become a part of that wonderful crazy life.

Have a joyous weekend, and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Wow, You go girl. I am so glad you have found answers to better health, sometimes we are pushed into a corner of it’s all in your head. I am so relieved for you. Fantastic news on your jumps hopefully one day this could be your main income you could be your own boss, but glad the normal working hours are working for you. I know you will have an excellent fun time camping take lots of pics & share. Always great reading about what you are up to. Have a awesome weekend my pony friend.

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