Nahe’s News: I’m Buggin’


I love the warmer weather because the grass is growing and I have the lush grass buffet, but the bugs started to come back.

I don’t love that.

Mom says I have something called “Sweet Itch” and it’s everything but sweet…let me tell you.


I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. My last mom tried to help but not even steroids worked.

Mom’s tried antihistimines, swat, fly sheets, bug spray, and everything else. Nothing works.

The good news is the fly predators are working so there aren’t a lot of flies…but it’s the gnats that really bother me. I get itchy, mom tries like hell to stop me rubbing myself raw but by July I will probably rub my tail and mane off again unless we figure out a better solution.

Mom got our shade curtains up early this year and that doe help a bit. She even bought a fan to help blow the gnats away from me, but it only helps when I’m inside…and I want my grass!

Mom also applies fly spray and swat twice a day (they should really make bigger swat tubs), gives us feed through bug repellant, and of course fly masks, boots, and sheets. I also get Zyrtec every morning. New this year my mom is trying Brewer’s yeast (and it that doesn’t help she said something about spirulina next).

Many experience horse-people that have known me and other horses with sweet itch say that I am one of the most severe they’ve known. I just get so so itchy! But I know my momma loves me and is trying to find whatever works to keep me comfortable.

If you have had any success with sweet itch I’m sure my momma will love to hear your story!

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  1. It’s a horrid problem to deal with I have the same with my Zina. Over the years nappy san(original) A cap of nappy san dissolved in a bucket of water poured all over the horse leave for a minute then gently rinse not drench just rinse off has worked for many horses over the years. Hoss Gloss a medicated pet wash works great as well. Please test first on a small patch which I know you would anyway. The best thing for my Zina was attaching short branches of sage & lavender to the end of her tail & along her mane( elastic band) as she flicks her tail to deal with the itch & bugs the scent would then be on her coat. All natural worked great for her. I have heard adding copper & granulated garlic to the feed has worked for some. It is so tricky to find what works I hope all stops buggin ya soon. Have a wonderful weekend Nahe you & all your fam.


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