Tiger’s Tales: I’m a Workin’ Man

Oh yeah!

I am working OUT! Getting in shape!

It’s a good thing too because I put on a few pounds over the winter.

We began doing a lot of ground work. Mom started lunging Nahe and I for 10 minutes a day…pshhh. I got chubby but mom, please, that’s easy! I didn’t even start to warm up.

We built up the time and started doing poles and hills. She hasn’t gotten on a whole lot yet this year and it seems intentional. In March Nahe and I had some bodywork done. I love my chiropractor! She put my withers back in place that were driving me nuts.

The doctor came back in April to do another round of bodywork. This time my withers weren’t out that bad. More lunging. Mom said she want to build my muscles up to support my alignment before she gets on. I love her for that.

I’ve been getting in shape and getting strong. Mom loves it when I carry myself and drop my head so I have been showing her just how well I can do it.

We’ve also started going to our neighbor’s farm down the road. They have a few mares there and I love showing my moves to the ladies.

The BIGGEST news, though, is mom and I are mobile! Mom brought me to a farm in her trailer last week. She has a lot to learn still but we made it safely. We got to ride inside, outside, we rode in the woods and all over the property. I recognized a few of the horses from the hunter paces.

Nahe’s been getting in shape too, but he’s definitely been enjoying the green grass and hay buffet a little more than he should. Come on, brother! Let’s workout!

Although mom needs a little more experience driving I’m really eager to go back to that farm and explore other places with her. I feel great and my mom is riding better than ever so we’re going to have a great season!


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