The Sunday Review: Equi Racks Wall Mounted Blanket Rack

Whenever I show guests my tack room they first thing they notice is my blanket rack. I open the door and the blanket rack is straight ahead on the farthest wall and stands quite tall. That said, let’s discuss the Equi Racks Wall Mounted Stable Blanket Rack in today’s review!

The Equi Rack is made in the USA. It consists of a horizontal metal bar spanning 42″ (3’6″) and there are six 30″ bars that come off the horizontal bar. The bars simply slide in and swivel so you can push them all to one side or the other….or separate out a wet blanket to hang dry better.

I have a stool now, not the ladder

Installing the blanket rack was super easy, you just need a drill, level, and a ladder. The horizontal bar is attached first using four screws. One by one you can slide on each arm. Voila! It’s important to remember, however, that you are hanging horse blankets. The longest one I’ve had was 81″ but of course some people own even larger. In order to keep the blankets off the floor you need to hang them rather high (out of my own reach).

I have had the rack for almost three years and it has held up beautifully with my abuse. At the moment my blanket rack is home to 2 Back On Track mesh sheets, 3 light sheets, 3 medium rugs, and 2 heavy rugs with hoods. The blanket rack is holding everything nicely.

I found the Equi Rack on for under $100 a few years ago, now it is listed for a bit more, but I would still consider it worth the price. I purchased the matching saddle pad rack (and due to get another) to go with it.


  • Affordable
  • Looks nice
  • Easy to install
  • Swivel arms allow you to move the blankets around as needed
  • Hang dry rained on muddy blankets!


  • If you have large horses these need to be hung high over head
  • I have too many blankets


  • Hang the bar high enough to keep the tail flaps off the ground
  • Keep a folding step stool nearby
  • Give the blankets a shake from time to time; a mouse once made a nest in the folded wither area on one of my blankets because it was dormant for so long. The blanket wasn’t damaged, it just held the nest the way it naturally folded so I just rinsed the blanket before use.


I chose the Equi Rack for it’s design but there are a lot of similar options out there, too.

  • Schneider’s Saddlery has an easy up swinging bar. Each bar is hung individually so you only buy what you need. Sounds nice, but I liked making sure all 6 were hung evenly in one shot.
    Schneider’s also sells a rack with 5 blanket bars. They are more pricey but they come with a 5 year warrantee.
  • Tough-1 offers a hanging rack that simply hangs over a board in your barn. My barn simply isn’t built to accommodate that.

Final Word:

I stand by my choice of the Equi Racks Wall Mounted Blanket Rack. If was affordable, easy to install, looks nice, and has held up to my abuse for the last couple years. I keep a stepstool handy because at only 5’3″ I have trouble reaching the bars, but it’s totally worth it.

Photo courtesy of

I love having six arms for my two horses; it can hold a light, medium, and heavy for each horse. I happen to also use it for my Back on Track Sheets. I do put the rugs away for summer, however. Once a year I wash the rugs at a laundromat and put them away for the warm season. That gives me a lot more room on the rack for the fly sheets and Back On Track sheets.

Using the rack system is so easy, I love the swivel action. When it’s been raining I can change sheets and hang up the wet muddy rugs and move the other arms away so the wet rugs have room and space to dry out.

Get yours today at, follow the button below for my affiliate link.

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  1. Such a great idea arent they i used to use an old broom to slide the rugs on, was fun with heavy rugs as i’d bundle it on my head or over my shoulder
    as i slid it on the rack. Lol i’d end ip with the giggles at my awkwardness. 🤪🤣

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    1. Omg I can just picture that! The barn I go to for lessons does something similar and they aren’t connected to anything on one side, just sit on a shelf so of course I was me and messed it up!!! Just had to laugh

      Liked by 1 person

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