Oh The Adventures We’ll Have

The Green Horseman now has wheels!

I’ve been making some progress in my goals and plans for the new year.

The first of which is my move to day shift at my job. For over four years I have worked 12hour overnight shifts at a semiconductor manufacturing company. The job is great, but the shifts are long and take a lot out of me. Sleeping is hard enough for me, but sleeping at any hour of the day is twice more difficult. I often end up with only 4-5 hours each day, and on the weekends I transition my body back to a day schedule for a couple short days only to do it all over again.

For over a years I’ve been looking to switch to dayshift, despite the loss of a significant shift differential; the money is no longer worth the cost of my time, health, and sanity. Finally….I am making the switch. I have taken this week off as a nice transition period vacation…but I’m also working hard on my goals for this year.

One of my goals this year was to make money woodworking. I hope to pay for a new saddle this year along with some of my horse adventures using the money from building horse jumps. So far I have not been without orders since November.

Another goal was to address my health. This means more than getting back in shape, eating better, and losing weight. It means addressing my back pain. This week I saw a chiropractor for the first time (officially). We did a preliminary appointment where they ran some scans, asked some questions, and sent me for X-Rays. I was surprised to learn that I put 10pounds more weight on my left foot than my right. We also talked about how my pains, anxiety, and tingling arms could possibly all be related. My next appointment is early May, and I am super excited about it!

The horses are coming back into work nicely. This year my focus is simple and slow. I haven’t ridden them much but I’ve begun to lunge them. I’ve been increasing the time, intensity, adding hills, and poles. This week I will start to work under saddle…also slowly and building them up.

At the chiropractor appointment in March Tiger’s withers we out and his back was pretty sore. At our next appointment four weeks later it had shifted out again but the adjustment was easier and he was much less uncomfortable. I’ve been really trying to build him up so his muscles will hold his adjustment better before I add my own weight to the combination.

They are both doing fabulously and are naturally fit from living out 24/7; and they climb the hill about four times a day at a minimum.

Nahe is already a beautiful mover and this year I’d love to help support him on his collection.

Tiger tends to have shorter strides and I’m starting to see him stretch his head down more and more on his own.

This year is also the year to start trailering my horses. I purchased my Merhow 2-horse weekender last spring, and we bought the truck last fall. With two lessons from one of my best friends I’ve begun to drive the trailer. We have practiced straight backing, three point turns, backing into my tiny driveway, driving on the highway, and pulling through the gas station. After our second lesson I felt confident enough to try bringing it to the shop to have it inspected before putting the horses on it. I backed it into a spot nice and straight with Zac as an eye in case I get too close to anything. I got my trailer back yesterday and brought it home. In only 5 minutes or less I backed the truck and trailer into our tiny driveway, again with Zac to monitor that I didn’t hit anything. I must say it’s the straightest I’ve gotten it to date!

On a side note: If you bring your trailer in for an inspection be sure to specify that you only want an inspection. I was flabbergasted when the shop called to say it was ready and that my bill was almost $1000! There were a number of things that needed replacement from brakes, to tires, to lights. I never received a call to notify me of the needed work…they just did it without my consent. Did the work need to get done? Yes. Should they have called? Also yes. I don’t feel like I’m overreacting to say that I’m angry and outraged at the lack of communication and lack of professionalism on their part.

But on a positive note….the trailer is horse-ready and oh the adventures we’ll have!


  1. Nice update! Overnights are brutal so happy you are able to transition to day shift! Hugs on health,
    self care is more than a splurge, it is about putting ourselves first when it’s important. Looking so forward to your adventures with the trailer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Self care is such a new concept to me but it feels really nice to learn. It has made all if my relationships better since I feel better, too! I wish I did it sooner


  2. It must feel so good to connect again with horses through working them. I hope you are all cracked back into shape & feeling grander than ever, that’s great you are working better hours & you are so talented with your builds. The car & trailer look so cool, I told you, you would be great with the trailer towing. Trailer adventures too excitement. Have a wonderfully fun weekend my pony friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much, friend. I can’t wait to get to the chiro next week for my official first treatments! They had to get x-rays and scans before doi g anything so next Tuesday is the day 🙂

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