Nahe’s News: Happy Birthday in Heaven, Brother Blade


I never met my brother, Blade, but he left an impression on Tiger and ma.

When I came home and met Tiger both him and ma were broken. They had been through something tough losing brother Blade only a few days before. Tiger wouldn’t leave my side for the longest time. It was annoying but hey, I’m okay with it. I was able to give Tiger and ma the time and companionship they needed to get through their grief and I’ve seen them come out stronger for it.

Brother Blade would have been 13 tomorrow, he was born in upstate New York April 2, 2008. From the sounds of it Blade and I would have gotten along well…he was playful just like me. I bet we would have had fun running around and playing bite-face. I LOVE playing bite face!

Bite Face!

In mom’s eyes brother Blade was special. All three of us are, really, but Blade was unique. She still says hello to Blade where he sleeps under the tree at the top of the hill. She has a bracelet with his tail hair, a blanket and pillows with his pictures. He helped her become the horse owner she is today and he’s responsible for my great mom. Tiger and I are working on her too, but he was the first, the original.

Happy birthday in heaven, brother Blade. We all hope you are galloping across dandelion fields and playing bite-face with your favorite buddies Joe the paint and Lulu the pony.

Joe, Blade’s first friend when mom first brought him home. Also lovingly remembered in heaven.
Lulu, Blade’s favorite little pony. Also lovingly remembered in heaven.

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