Winter’s Almost Over

Winter is almost over, and that means Nahe’s and Tiger’s winter vacation is nearing an end. Being without an arena there are not many opportunities to ride throughout the winter here in New York. Without snow the ground is uneven and hard. The horses struggle to walk across the paddock WITHOUT a rider. Snow is a lot better…but it can be a pain and can also hide ice. Then there’s the cold. We had a pretty cold winter this year. If it wasn’t snowing it was below 20F…and I don’t ride below 20F.

I have a truck and trailer NOW but I have yet to start driving it and won’t be taking the horses anywhere until I’m comfortable backing back into my narrow little driveway.

Recently we began to see the weather changing for the better. This week we are experiencing the first feels of spring. It may not last but it’s most definitely welcomed. The ground is beginning to thaw and I’m starting the motions of bringing the horses back into work.

Spring for me means getting several appointments made. The horses recently saw their dentist. This week they saw the chiropractor; in fact, Tiger was out quite a bit so we’ll be having the chiropractor back out in a month. We will also be seeing the vet for vaccines and coggins. Finally a saddle fitter to make sure the horses are happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Tiger and Nahe are out 24/7 and have access to a big hill. They stay pretty fit all year long whether or not I’m riding. Lately they’ve been thrilled by the spring weather and I’ve been catching them playing a lot more. They must be so happy to stretch their legs after this winter. Their paddock was rutted and icy most days so there was little opportunity for real exercise.

I begin to put the boys back into work with slower rides. We walk the cornfields and because I’m too lazy to saddle up I work on my seat with bareback. They are both very well behaved going out alone….I have no issues bareback riding in a halter with either of them.

Soon we’ll be able to start trot/cantering in small amounts and upping out fitness.

Spring is coming! We are ready!

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